Sensitive data 1…Or so it seems.  From well-known high profile companies, to lesser-known regional companies, 2013 has been fill with unprecedented amounts of cyber attacks and data breaches. Hackers, former employees, disgruntled workers, and shady competitors have picked up speed in the cyber attack business, and information security is having a hard time keeping up. Of all the information that gets stolen, transferred, altered, and lost, HR data hasn’t been in the forefront. But it should be.

With the ever-changing landscape of HR information, and the copious amounts of confidential information within, unprotected HR data stored in a server can be an easy target for any minor league hacker to take a shot. Regulations are constantly changing, and with the ever-growing popularity of cloud storage, mobile devices, and social media, it is even harder to maintain security of HR information. Have you ever applied for a job online? Uploaded your resume to Linkedin? I bet you never thought that some random person could use your resume information to get him or herself a job. Yes, it is possible. Once on the Internet, always on the Internet. And this is an individual situation.  What about those large corporations with hundreds of employee data spreadsheets downloaded from servers and stored in the cloud? That information contains home addresses, SSN’s, payroll data, etc. Now that’s what we call high risk.

As with most business information, this sensitive data lives in your ERP system. All the confidential employee information that HIPAA, SOX and other ever-changing regulations protect so dearly is still at risk. Even if the data is protected in the SAP HR System, that protection needs to extend to wherever those documents may end up, be it in the cloud, mobile devices, or worst case in the hands of highly unauthorized users.

It is time to take control of the situation and understand how to secure your HR data. Luckily, there are emerging technologies focused on securing this sensitive HR data both on premise and in the precarious cloud.

Do your research. Learn about solutions that protect your sensitive HR data on premise, in the cloud, and wherever else it may end up.

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