Today’s successful business environment thrives on technologies that have specific functions, yet are intertwined in a complex matrix. Data flows freely between systems making operations both efficient and vulnerable, at the same time. Data protection and data security are extremely critical — the number of new regulations published every single day across the globe proves it.

Recently, Michael Kummer, President Americas, SECUDE, published an article in the SAP Professional Journal on, “How to Identify What Sensitive Data is Leaking Out of Your SAP System.” Kummer talks about how even well-protected data within an SAP environment can quickly become a threat. He says, “Problems arise when data leaves the secure boundaries of the SAP environment and suddenly ends up on users’ computers, emails, mobile devices, or unauthorized cloud storage (all part of today’s shadow IT environment), thus significantly increasing the risk of data loss and theft.”

Kummer talks at length about the issue and different solutions to fill this gap. He describes the following points in detail:

  • Why protecting your data inside your SAP system is not enough
  • The difference between content-sensitive and context-aware data protection solutions
  • What context-sensitive data protection means for SAP users
  • How to intercept data extracted from SAP applications

New solutions operating inside of SAP try to remediate data leaks by leveraging context that helps classify and protect data before it has left SAP. That is the future of data protection technology and more vendors have jumped on board. IT leaders must take a data-centric approach to protecting their sensitive information.

Solutions like Halocore are already in the forefront of this technology as stated by Dan Plastina of Microsoft in a recent CIO article. He says, “Not all of your data is sensitive. If 5 percent of your data is top secret, take that 5 percent and focus your energy on that. If you’re in the candy bar business, then SAP is the bulk of your sensitive data; logistics, order information, inventory, financials.” That data is secure until you run a report and create a PDF or an Excel file and start mailing it around. “In that case, go purchase Halocore from SECUDE and focus on SAP and mark it company internal; all that data will be encrypted at birth and it can’t leak outside the company. That quickly starts to put a leash on your data.”

Read full article at SAP Professional Journal.

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