The past year has been quite threatening for large businesses and their customers when it comes to sensitive data security. Cyber attackers have been squeezing their way through corporate network security with ease, causing irreparable damage to big brands and their reputations.

Network Security is Severely Lacking

According to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, more than 1,367 data breaches and 63,000 security incidents were reported just last year. Attackers are getting better and faster while the standard security parameters remain the same making external perimeter security easily breachable.

Data Centric Security

*Verizon Enterprises 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

Although malicious attackers make up majority of cyber criminals, corporate espionage is also on the rise. Employees spying on intellectual property reportedly accounts for about 25% of data breaches within network security. Personnel are meant to be trusted employees but they have become the cause of severe data breaches in some instances. Employees have access to sensitive corporate data on all of their devices. They are responsible for securing technological platforms such as tablets and laptops. In case these tablets and laptops are misplaced or stolen, any sensitive company information is available if encryption technologies were not used. Employees could also have access to applications and platforms that have not been approved by IT and information could be moved easily. It’s time to consider the consequences of an unfortunate but known threat, that network security sometimes cannot protect internal employee caused data breaches.

Data is Constantly In-Motion

With the fast pace innovation of today’s technology and the savvy ‘on-the-move’ mobile workforce, data is never in just one place. How can your data be protected at all times when the only place it is secure is when it is within the network walls? Data is downloaded to mobile devices, uploaded to the cloud, emailed between clients, and even shared via messenger apps. Information is mobile and it is always on the move. Network security is not enough to protect your data in all locations.

The Next Big Thing is Here to Help – Data Centric Security

Heavy emphasis has been placed on protecting the outer network from outside attackers. It’s time to look inside as network security is failing, and turn to data-centric security solutions that apply protection to the data itself. Data-centric protection helps address the issues of data on the move, and stored in various, unprotected locations by encrypting the data and applying policies that lock up information at the file level. Once the information is secure, only authorized users, that possess the proper usage rights necessary to unlock the data, can access it. This mitigates the risk of corporate espionage, as employees are limited to which data they can view, print, copy, share, or even open. Data-centric security is the missing piece to a fully comprehensive corporate security landscape.

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