With 84% of organizations challenged to identify data owners, classification becomes one of the most critical security controls for organizations across a variety of industries. For many companies worldwide, SAP is home to business critical information at all levels of confidentiality. Many businesses struggle to secure sensitive information, and much of that struggle begins with properly identifying what information is sensitive, where it is stored, and what controls to implement to ensure its protection. Many businesses have classification deployments that have not reached their full potential, leaving businesses wanting to protect their sensitive data, but not knowing what to do with it. There is no efficient, manual way to search for unstructured, sensitive data among the vast amounts of information stored in SAP.

Download our latest data classification guide for SAP and learn how to:

  • Get started with data classification
  • Identify data owners and educate users
  • Develop consistency in the policies
  • Categorize SAP data for your business
  • Integrate classification of SAP data into existing tools