SAP is the core of many organizations, used to run key business processes and store vast amounts of sensitive, business-critical data. As data resides within the boundaries of SAP, it is considered safe and protected. However, SAP’s protection mechanisms do not extend outside of SAP, to the digital world we live in, with cloud computing, sharing apps, and mobile devices that make it easy to take sensitive data on the go. Because of this risk, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies have been widely deployed to help enterprises protect against the threat of users sending sensitive information beyond the organizations internal networks.


Download our latest data loss prevention guide for SAP and learn:

  • The importance of protecting SAP data across your organization
  • The traditional content aware approach to DLP
  • The problem with traditional DLP
  • The benefits of context awareness in DLP for SAP
  • The first SAP-native DLP solution with full contextual awareness