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Halocore for SAP NetWeaver protects data leaving SAP in an unstructured form.

Companies around the world rely on SAP to collect, analyze, and report data crucial to the success of their business. This data is considered secure while inside the protected boundaries of SAP, but data exists to be consumed and shared.

With increased business collaboration, mobile devices, and cloud sharing services becoming prevalent and powerful tools, companies are now faced with the higher risk of data breaches, loss, and theft. Information that resides inside SAP is regularly downloaded to generate reports, spreadsheets, and other documents and then, without any previously applied protection, transferred outside of the secure network walls.



Halocore Dialog WindowApplying protection on data/documents themselves, allowing them to safely travel in and out of SAP systems, solves this problem. Halocore for SAP NetWeaver, SECUDE’s one-of-a-kind data protection solution for SAP data, delivers instant and permanent information protection, while facilitating compliance and productivity.


Halocore is directly integrated with SAP. The solution intercepts each data download, classifies the information, and applies strong encryption, while controlling what users can do with sensitive data through easy-to-setup protection policies. Halocore is powered by a data classification mechanism that is based on SAP’s existing roles and authorization scheme to protect files of any type and extension coming out of SAP. Because documents are secured as soon as they leave SAP applications, it doesn’t matter if they end up in emails, network shares, on mobile devices or even cloud services, such as Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

    • Provides end-to-end protection of sensitive SAP data that extends to mobile and cloud platforms
    • Minimizes the risk of breaches, data theft and accidental loss
    • Controls who has access to sensitive information and what they can do with it (view, edit, save, print, forward, etc.)
    • Boosts secure collaboration within the organization and with partners and suppliers
    • Enables compliance, while addressing the challenges of an increasingly complex regulatory landscape
    • Offers advanced auditing capabilities, aimed at simplifying internal audit processes

Halocore for SAP NetWeaver is powered by Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS), the industry leading document security technology that allows only authorized users to access sensitive data inside and outside the enterprise boundaries. Halocore is available in several deployment options: on-premise using AD RMS, in the cloud using Azure RMS, or as a combination of both in a hybrid scenario.

Not sure what sensitive data might be leaving your SAP systems?
Find out with SECUDE’s new tool – Halocore Data Export Auditor for SAP.