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18 Data-Centric Use Cases for better and more advanced CAD data protection

While we have seen an exhaustive list of use cases related to access control in our previous blog, let’s look at some of other use cases for CAD data protection in this final 2-part blog series.

1. HALOCAD support for Web-based and Client/Server PLM application Suite

A PLM application suite is designed to help users track all information around product design, production, and consumption. It integrates all technology and systems throughout the product life cycle, from design to procurement and manufacturing steps. HALOCAD supports both web-based and client/server PLM application suite.

2. HALOCAD support for embedded visualization for PLM applications

Product visualization that involves viewing and manipulation of 3D models, technical drawings, and other related documentation of manufactured components and large assemblies. HALOCAD supports embedded visualization for PLM applications helping to overcome hurdles in the production of 3D content.




3. HALOCAD support for CAD Viewers

CAD viewers offer users the ability to view, annotate, and sometimes edit various CAD file types such as DWG, STL, DXF, and IGES. HALOCAD supports encrypted files viewing and controls save and print access in CAD viewers.

4. HALOCAD Reader support for CAD

HALOCAD Reader is a free standalone add-on for native CAD applications. It can read-protected files and always enforce “read-only” privileges for users who have at the minimum view rights. Labels cannot be set or changed by these rules.

5. CAD design classification rules in PLM to encrypt file exports

Automating the classification process is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your data stays secure wherever it resides. HALOCAD helps to attach designated labels automatically based on the classification rules set. The user does not need to make a decision.

6. Protection of MS Office, PDF exports from PLM applications

File transfers are important for business continuity. PLM systems may also contain various non-CAD files related to designs. Often employees export files and share them with teammates, customers, and partners. However, during such transfers and exports, there is a possibility of cyber-attacks. Therefore, files need to be protected during such transfers. HALOCAD automatically applies MIP labels to protect files during checkout from the PLM applications.

7. Protection of PDF file exports from CAD applications

HALOCAD is integrated with Microsoft’s MIP SDK which extends the data protection beyond the organization’s perimeter. HALOCAD not only integrates as a MIP SDK add-in into the content authoring environment but also works as an add-on to the content repository. When the user exports a CAD model or drawings into PDF format, our Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution encrypts the pdf file with appropriate labels as per the organization’s policy.

8. Protection of Assembly file exports from CAD and PLM applications

Often sharing part files and exporting all components of an assembly files with customers and vice versa takes place. This seemingly simple task can pose security problems. However, with HALOCAD it is possible to export assembly files from CAD and PLM applications securely.

9. Disable and enable menu controls on CAD applications

HALOCAD also supports disabling and enabling of menu icons in CAD workspace based on the assigned sensitivity label.

10. HALOCAD provides label usage controls

Users are granted particular rights within applications, such as the ability to only view, edit, print, copy or screen capture sensitive information.

11. HALOCAD enables custom label definition

Authorized MIP managers can define custom labels with select privileges, label expiry date and share files with designated users.

12. Label assignment management for components in CAD assembly

The main purpose of data classification is to set the security controls applied to a particular data type based on its classification label. HALOCAD enables application of appropriate labels for security management of the components in CAD assembly.

13. Watermarking feature with sensitivity label name for supported CAD applications

Watermarks offer a perfect solution to augment your information security practices, providing a visual deterrent to data loss. HALOCAD supports rendering of the sensitivity label name as a watermark for those CAD applications which support watermarking.

14. Multiple file extension support for CAD applications

HALOCAD supports the following file formats.

    • Autodesk AutoCAD : .dwg, .dxf
    • Autodesk Inventor: .ipt, .iam, .idw, .ipn
    • Autodesk RIVET: .rvt, .rfa
    • PTC Creo: .asm, .prt, .mfg, .drw, .frm, .lay, .sec
    • Siemens NX: .prt, .jt
    • Siemens Solid Edge: .par, .psm, .asm, .dft
    • Dassault Solid Works: .sldprt, .sldasm, .slddrw, .slddrt
    • Bentley MicroStation: .dgn
    • CAD Neutral formats: .step, .iges


HALOCAD supported filetypes

Figure: HALOCAD Supported Sample Filetypes

15. HALOCAD support for neutral formats like STEP, IGES, and Parasolid extensions

HALOCAD supports encryption for CAD translator file types like IGES, STEP, etc., and facilitates interoperability across CAD platforms.

16. HALOCAD support for selected PLM-multi-CAD integrations

HALOCAD DRM now extends data-centric security across PLM and Multi-CAD integrations. It now supports the following PLM Multi-CAD integrations:

    • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – NX Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – Solid Edge Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – SolidWorks Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – Creo Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for SAP ECTR – AutoCAD Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for SAP ECTR – Creo Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for SAP ECTR – Solid Edge Integration
    • HALOCAD® Add-on for AutoDesk Vault – AutoCAD Integration

17. HALOCAD supports PLM-CAD interface menu options

HALOCAD supports enabling/disabling of menu options in PLM-CAD integration based on assigned labels for selected PLM-CAD application suite.

18. Bulk data protection in file share locations

HALOCAD offers bulk data protection in the file share locations.

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In this two-part blog series, we have provided an exhaustive list of use cases and the data protection provided by HALOCAD.

SECUDE is a global leader in data encryption of CAD and PLM data to the customers using Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP), the unified platform for a companywide DRM. Our DRM solution enables CIOs / CISOs to have a 360° view of holistic encryption strategy using MIP and integrating it into CAD, PLM & ERP environments.

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