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6 proactive measures you can take to protect your data

Cybercrime is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today. While many small and medium-sized businesses think they are unlikely targets as they are small in size, it is to be noted that any business whether big or small can be easy prey to cyber-attacks if it is not adequately prepared.

When it comes to data protection any business whether small, medium or big, needs to be dynamic and hands-on to protect any sensitive information or data to guard their business and their customers’ data.

Traditional cybersecurity methods are reactive; the security team will be alerted of an attack after it has occurred. A proactive cybersecurity approach tends to identify vulnerabilities so that they can be addressed even before an attack is implemented.

Below we are listing six proactive measures that you can take to protect your data.

1. Understand the threats your business is facing 

As Harold Meachum in Marvel comics says “The first rule of war and business is to know your enemy”. You must know what you are up against. Employees are the weak link. Your staff and team must know the common threats that attack your kind of business.

They should also know the top cybersecurity threats like Phishing, Ransomware, Malware, Identity theft, Password Hacking, etc, that exist and how they can prevent them. Provide them with the proper tools and update your software systems, patch your systems, boost your firewalls, and secure your data. They must have a proper data protection plan and adequate training.

6 proactive measures you can take to protect data

2. Identify your precious crown jewels

Every day tons of data are being churned by the business. It is important to recognize that not all data needs prioritized protection. Protecting every piece of data that is used in the business is not only cumbersome but also expensive. Organize and prioritize data according to sensitivity.

Data such as customer personal information, intellectual property, designs, etc must be distinguished from everyday usage of common data. These crown jewels have to be adequately protected as falling into the wrong hands will create a reputation as well as financial damage. Customers who expect your business to keep their confidential information safe will find your approach credible.

3. Engage in constant data monitoring

Your employees must understand the value of your data, and they should be on high alert, and the lookout for threats every day. Continuous monitoring helps detect early signs of cyberattacks. Scrutinize everything trying to sneak through your network.

Data security experts will also help to easily spot any inconsistencies and mitigate business downtime caused by cyberattacks. As downtime not only negatively impacts your operations but also affects your business reputation.

4. Revaluate what you are protecting

Take a stock of your data security measures. Map who has access to what type of data and how they are using that data. Limit access to data to users only to the extent where they have to fulfill the business task.

When data is exchanged especially design-related information between third-party vendors, suppliers, and partners, ensure that it is adequately protected and information is not lost during the transmission process or it is not downloaded and stored in unnecessary places. Even if it is downloaded it should be accessible only to the intended user. Encrypting data is critical.

5. Educate your employees

Your employees are your first line of defense. Therefore you must educate your team. Make them cyber security-conscious. Put measures in place to better support the team but also alert when something out of the ordinary happens.

Train your staff and senior management team as they are the first line of defense. Have a response plan so that employees are aware of what to do when an incident occurs and how to tackle it instead of panicking. The speed of recovery is also very important.

6. Ensure cybersecurity compliance

There is much cyber security compliance that every business must meet. Businesses must keep up with the current cybersecurity compliance and meet the privacy standards enforced in their industry and location.

Though keeping compliance is very costly, businesses must engage in complying with those standards and regulations to achieve good business standing. Also, you can avoid violation penalties which are usually huge, and maintain brand reliability and credibility.


While these are some of the proactive measures that you can take to protect your data before an incident occurs, it is better to seek an expert’s advice.

In today’s fast exchange and collaborative world, you have to ensure that your data is secure even when it is exchanged beyond your company’s IT perimeter. This requires new strategies and technologies in place and experts recommend a data-centric security solution that adheres to a Zero Trust principle.

Unlike solutions that protect the endpoints of the organization, a data-centric solution protects the data directly by adding additional fortification to security measures already in place. It focuses on protecting the data rather than the network on which the data resides.

Data-centric security is the most important strategy and mandatory extension to the existing perimeter security for protecting IP, PII, and other sensitive data end-to-end in the digital collaboration processes.

Enterprise Digital Rights Management is the core technology behind the data-centric solution, and Microsoft’s EDRM is the leading EDRM platform available in the market today. SECUDE’s solutions provide automated data security for SAP and CAD environments with Microsoft Purview Information Protection while preserving a good user experience and high workflow efficiency.

SECUDE’s HALOCORE automatically protects with AIP all downloads from SAP-based processes while HALOCAD integrates AIP seamlessly into CAD applications.

If you are looking to implement a proactive data security strategy to protect your SAP and CAD business data, contact our professionals at .

We will assess your needs and recommend the best and most effective solution to address your data security needs.


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