Are CISOs Prepared to manage today’s security threat and achieve digital resilience?

As organisations embark on digital transformation journey, the CISOs role will expand and may even elevate in taking strategic decisions. Let’s take a look at the different hats the CISOs should don to build a cyber-resilient organization.


SECUDE Security Bulletin on SpringShell vulnerability

Spring4Shell is a server security vulnerability in the Spring Framework. Spring4Shell exposes an application to remote code execution, an attacker can possibly access all website internal data, including any connected database. It may also allow an attacker to access additional internal resources to gain more permissions or to make their way to other parts of an internal network.


The 10 Essential Checklist for a Successful EDRM Implementation

Many EDRM projects fail miserably due to poor planning and implementation. Here are the 10 essential checklist for a successful EDRM implementation.


Adjusting to New Cybersecurity Regulations in 2022

Cybersecurity is a leading concern for businesses in 2022. Here’s a closer look at how cybersecurity regulations landscape is shifting, why, and what businesses can do in response.


How SecurityBridge & SECUDE offer additional layer of Data Security for SAP data

How to protect SAP data, outside of SAP? SECUDE HALOCORE provides automated integration of MIP into SAP environments. The solution is triggered by SAP functions that expose data beyond the system boundaries and retrieves all relevant SAP business metadata for an attribute-based classification on-the-fly.


Do you use a Zero Trust Strategy when you relocate your sensitive files to another location?

Cyberattacks can have a cascading effect similar to a natural disaster, knocking out essential infrastructure and creating a crisis. Businesses should rethink adopting a Zero Trust strategy to protect critical assets as time is running out.


7 Ways EDRM helps to address your data security challenges during collaboration

The biggest challenge during data collaboration is managing external users and their authorizations. Here are 7 ways EDRM helps to address your data security challenges during collaboration.


How the Ukraine-Russia Conflict Could Impact Cybersecurity

The cyber warfare of the Ukraine-Russia conflict solidifies what many security experts have been saying for years. Cybersecurity is a matter of national safety, so all organizations must consider it.


Do you use Siemens NX and Solid Edge? Here’s how you can protect your CAD files leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft

Learn how HALOCAD addresses the CAD data security challenges in Solid Edge & NX leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft.


How to protect your sensitive data with automatic classification and labeling

In today’s data-driven environment it is highly important to ensure the security of your sensitive data. Manually protecting data is time consuming and cumbersome. Learn how to automate your data security with HALOCORE® and HALOCAD®