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Business leaders must look beyond national boundaries, says Dr. Kromer

This video was originally published by the University of Lucerne.

Business today is a phenomenon sans boundaries. Since the past decade, this has also been largely influenced by concepts such as digitization and internationalism. Consequently, today’s CXO has to be internationally savvy and one who is open to work with international teams. While it may seem a challenge to work with team members from other ‘cultures’, it definitely brings its own advantages. In fact, to succeed in the current scenario, business leaders need open up not only to emerging technological trends, but also to new cultures.

Dr. Heiner Kromer has been able to do this successfully for many years. SECUDE has drawn into its employee pool bright and enterprising resources from around the world.

Here is an exclusive interview with Dr. Kromer. The interviewer is Dr. Bernhard Haemmerli who is a professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Gjøvik University College.

This video was originally published by the University of Lucerne.


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