5 Ways to Defend Against Supply Chain Cyberattacks

Supply chains make ideal targets for cybercriminals since they hold sensitive data, often have large attack surfaces and are mostly unprotected. Here are five ways that organizations can defend against supply chain cyberattacks.


Does workplace collaboration lead to data security threats?

Working in teams enables employees to share information quickly across teams and businesses. While the benefits outweigh the risks, data sharing between teams and between organizations leads to data security risks. Let’s look at some of the data security challenges in workplace collaboration.


Is secure data collaboration the next game-changer for enterprises?

Since the dawn of the digital era, enterprises are realizing the importance of accessing more data. Sharing data between enterprises can be risky if there is no proper security in place. Is secure data collaboration with Zero Trust architecture the answer to address this problem?


Is data collaboration the key to improving cybersecurity?

In today’s collaborative world, data is constantly on the move, traveling outside firewalls and organizational boundaries.
A collaborative approach is needed to provide the most secure environment that can be least penetrated by hackers.