Data Protection


As the cost of data breaches soars to an all-time high, what should your company do to guard its precious crown jewels?

IBM’s latest report shows that the cost of a data breach soared to an all-time high of USD 4.35 million, a 2.6% increase from last year. Learn know how you can enhance your CAD and SAP data protection with SECUDE’s HALOCAD and HALOCORE solutions.


6 proactive measures you can take to protect your data

A proactive cybersecurity approach tends to identify vulnerabilities so that they can be addressed even before an attack is implemented. Here are six proactive measures that you can take to protect your data.


How to Maximize your Microsoft Purview Information Protection Investment

Microsoft 365 E5 combines best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security, compliance, voice, and analytical capabilities. Learn How SECUDE HALOCAD and HALOCORE helps maximize your ROI with automated MIP protection.


The role of the DPO just got bigger and more powerful

The proposed Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill, mandates appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The role of the DPO has now become bigger and better. Let us take a deeper look into the role the DPO plays in the organization.


Adjusting to New Cybersecurity Regulations in 2022

Cybersecurity is a leading concern for businesses in 2022. Here’s a closer look at how cybersecurity regulations landscape is shifting, why, and what businesses can do in response.


How the Ukraine-Russia Conflict Could Impact Cybersecurity

The cyber warfare of the Ukraine-Russia conflict solidifies what many security experts have been saying for years. Cybersecurity is a matter of national safety, so all organizations must consider it.


Will digitalization turn to be a catch-22 for cybersecurity in 2022?

As organizations became increasingly interconnected globally, every business started adapting to the digital model for all their transactions, fearing that otherwise they would be left behind in the race. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be a catch-22 as threats to cybersecurity are continually increasing.


How secure is your UPSI as SEBI tightens its reins on Insider Trading?

SECUDE’s HALOCORE is a unique solution for the protection of sensitive and critical information such as UPSI and other financial data that are exported from SAP. It has a modular structure in order to guarantee effective protection within just a few days of implementation.


How to Address Cultural Change When Implementing a Cybersecurity Program

A company culture that prioritizes cybersecurity goes well beyond annual training sessions. It implements measures to encourage individual employees to utilize best practices for security on all their devices. Learn how to address cultural change when implementing a cybersecurity program.


The Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022

Businesses will need new strategies to respond to the changing cybersecurity threat landscape. These cybersecurity trends are likely to show where the field is moving in 2022 and how businesses should prepare.