Data Protection


The Implications of Big Tech’s Meeting With Biden

It’s no secret that cybersecurity breaches are a major concern for businesses across all industries, and governments are starting to take notice. On August 25, 2021, the U.S government met with business leaders from some of the tech sector’s giants, including Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Google.


7 Strategies to Keep Business Data Secure

Cyberattacks are on the rise. The growing number of internet-connected devices and the value of business data means cybercriminals have more to gain than ever from breaking into a company’s network. Here are the seven most important cybersecurity tactics for a business to use. Employing them will help keep company data secure.


Is there Life in the Home office after Corona?

Read how the recent corona pandemic has pushed us into a forced home office and how to deal with it through a structured & goal-oriented approach.


Enterprise-level data security: Big picture first; details foremost

Despite the growing complexity of threats that faces enterprises today, data security practitioners need to be agile and keep in mind the bigger threat picture. While this does translate to dynamic response mechanisms and constantly evolving security paradigms, those responsible for data security shouldn’t lose sight of the ‘small’ things, for as they say, the devil is in the details.


Bridging Technology Landscapes for Enhanced Data Security: A Microsoft Case Study

“HALOCORE provides effective classification and protection of sensitive data by controlling SAP exports and encrypting extracted documents… Deploying HALOCORE at Microsoft helps us keep our company more secure and compliant,” says Shalini Gupta, Principal Privacy Lead at Microsoft. Read the brief case study to know more.


Reuters article on hackers highlights basic question overlooked by CIOs

A startling research report highlighted by a recent Reuters article on SAP data security reveals that attacks by hackers targeting large ERP software, such as SAP, are at an alarming raise and that many large corporates are falling victim. The reason for this is due to an obviously overlooked issue: Lack of importance to data security.


The seven colors of the insider threat rainbow

SECUDE has come to learn a sad fact. Those responsible for the safety and security of their companies data (IP) often fail to comprehend a serious risk that stares at them straight in the face – malicious insiders. There are media articles galore on this danger, but not many seem to learn the lesson.


Business leaders must look beyond national boundaries, says Dr. Kromer

The Chairman and Managing Director of SECUDE, Dr. Heiner Kromer, was recently at the University of Lucerne to promote the department of International IT Management at the University of Lucerne. Here is an exclusive interview with Dr. Kromer. The interviewer is Dr. Bernhard Haemmerli – Professor, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Gjøvik University College.


How do you naturally integrate SAP and Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection?

HALOCORE finds mention in Microsoft’s application support website due to its innate capability to apply classification and protection leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection policies for SAP downloads on demand and fully automated.


No cog too small: Data security in Materials Management

Information, such as pricing, inventory management and consumption-based planning, that is included in SAP Material Management need to be protected. Often access to such complex and sensitive material data is unregulated based on the quoting procedures and exports of such information are frequent.