Data exports – The big security risk

Most business processes are not limited to SAP. Sensitive data is exported by users using Microsoft Office applications – a risk that is clearly underestimated. In this article, Holger Hügel (VP, Products and Services), explains inherent risks in data sharing.


We go beyond traditional data leak prevention functionality: Dola Krishna

Organizations are increasingly going ‘Digital’. But this is not without its due share of challenges, especially when it comes to data security. In this interview with Express Computer, Dola Krishna (Director – Sales) shares his thoughts on solutions that are more robust than standard content-based DLP solutions.


Compromised data is compromised security

The news media recently carried the story of a lost USB stick found on a London street – innocuous enough, except that the stick contained extremely sensitive information on infrastructure security and travel routines of dignitaries, etc. One of the fundamental questions is: Could theft of such information be avoided?


Success Factor data classification

The SAP specialist magazine, E3, recently published a series by SECUDE on SAP data security. In this article, the author Holger Heugel (VP, Products and Services), shares his perspectives on data classification in context to SAP data security. This article is part of a series published by the magazine.


Complete digital interconnection through IOT is the way forward for global businesses – But be wary

Over the past few decades, Digital has been considered a key enabler in business and operations. In this regard, in January 2017, SAP launched SAP Leonardo. With a singular focus on levering ‘Things’ for superior business ‘Outcomes’, SAP Leonardo promises a revolution. But there may be a few things to keep in mind…


Is your automated, policy-based machine-to-machine communication secure? Think again!

Digital transformation has catalyzed a significant shift in application integration and data distribution models. To effectively protect intellectual property and personal data, and thus, to meet the requirements of the new European Data Security regulation – GDPR, new solutions need to be considered.


Dark Web augments insider threat for organizations

The Dark Web is not only a trading place for stolen passwords and weapons, but also for sensitive company data and insider knowledge. Read why the Dark Web further increases the risk of insider attacks and what actions companies should take to counter it.


What does Design Thinking have to do with data security?

Have you heard of the concept called Design Thinking? Yes? No? Okay. Its evangelists define it as “a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.” Okay. But what does ‘Design Thinking’ have to do with data security? A lot. Really.


The core of digital banking is data. But how secure is the core from a meltdown?

Touching lives at every milestone. The Banking and Financial Services Industry is perhaps the only industry that touches lives consistently and Digital Banking enables this. Such digital capabilities also carry immense risk. Just imagine if customer data is lost or stolen. The consequences are familiar.


Beware of the gap!

“[…] If you’re not thinking holistically, not looking at a system-wide approach to SAP cybersecurity, you’re just not doing enough.” says Josh Greenbaum in his article ‘SAP, Cybersecurity and You’. That is the key – holistic thinking when it comes to SAP Data security. Unfortunately, not many security practitioners do so.