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Companies realize that they are unprepared for GDPR

A plethora of challenges, most of which are within, beset companies from being fully compliant to the regulation

It seems many German companies are not sufficiently prepared for such requirements as prescribed by the new regulation. This worrying result comes from a survey conducted worldwide by Veritas. [1] At the beginning of this year 900 executives were interviewed across the European Union, Asia and the United States. Only 31 percent of the respondents across the world were prepared for GDPR. Of these, companies in UK and France have reported be best prepared with over 60 percent preparedness. In the European Union, German organizations seem to lead.

Lack of knowledge about storage locations

Surprisingly, for many companies, the way to GDPR already seems to be in doldrums due to a lack of knowledge on where data is stored, what they contain and to what extent that data is relevant to a certain requirement. 39 percent of respondents stated that their company cannot accurately identify data and locate it within their IT landscape.

Data is not managed effectively enough

About one third (32 percent) of companies said that their organization did not use technology to manage data effectively. Accordingly, it was not possible for these companies to find, find and verify data effectively.

Missing processes for data classification

Data storage is also a problem for most companies. 42 percent of global survey respondents said that they did not have a process to classify data. However, this is necessary in order to decide how sensitive the data, how they should be processed and by whom.

SECUDE can help enterprises simplify data classification

SECUDE specializes in the classification and protection of sensitive data that exit the SAP environment. Through unique context-based classification feature of its solution, HALOCORE, SECUDE enables companies to automatically protect SAP data are automatically determined and applied to individual files. This simplifies data management, facilitates localization of personal data, and helps companies comply with the new GDPR requirements.

You can find more information about the SECUDE solutions at HALOCORE


[1] Veritas-Umfrage

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