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Data exports – The big security risk

According to a recent IDC study regarding mobile security in Germany, 52% of IT executives believe that the greatest security risk lies with the users themselves.

Most business processes are not limited to SAP. Sensitive data is exported by users using Microsoft Office applications – a risk that is clearly underestimated. Also, with increasing IT networks and the introduction of the new S/4 HANA platform, the number of interfaces will also increase significantly. Whoever wants to protect his IT in the future should already think about ways to effectively safeguard and control new security gaps. Is there a solution to close such gaps? In his article, Holger Hügel shares his perspective on a solution that addresses this critical issue. Read the entire article on E-3 Magazine to find out. Click here.

This article is part of a series published in E-3 Magazine and was originally published in German.

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