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How secure is your UPSI as SEBI tightens its reins on Insider Trading?

SECUDE’s HALOCORE is a unique solution for the protection of sensitive and critical information such as UPSI and other financial data that are ...

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How to Address Cultural Change When Implementing a Cybersecurity Program

A company culture that prioritizes cybersecurity goes well beyond annual training sessions. It implements measures to encourage individual employees ...

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December 2021 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

December 2021 Roundup - Latest News, Trends & Updates around the world in Data Centric Security. ...

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Will China’s Personal Information Protection Law be a game-changer for data security?

The law which came into effect on 1st November 2021, will provide a legal foundation for the protection of personal information of foreign business ...

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The Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022

Businesses will need new strategies to respond to the changing cybersecurity threat landscape. These cybersecurity trends are likely to show where ...

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SECUDE Security Bulletin on LOG4J vulnerability

A security vulnerability in Apache Log4J a most commonly used logging package for java has been exploited by the hackers. The vulnerability can allow ...

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