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Do you have Microsoft Azure Information Protection? What stops you from using it?

A ‘new’ normal

In a modern enterprise where there is a rise in business collaboration, an explosion of storage locations and cloud services, and an increased mobile workforce, traditional protection mechanisms are often left powerless. This is true with SAP users as well. They extract hundreds of sensitive documents from SAP systems and applications for the purpose of reporting, analytics, and knowledge sharing with colleagues, partners, and suppliers.

It is common knowledge that access to sensitive data inside SAP is restricted through roles and authorizations. However, the unpleasant fact is that most companies have very little knowledge and control over how these documents are being shared or who is accessing them. This leaves companies at a high risk of data loss due to malicious or accidental actions.

There are many solutions, but…

There are many solutions that provide a security layer to data extracted from SAP applications. But if you or your employees are Microsoft RMS / AIP users, here is a reason to make you smile.

Extending Microsoft Rights Management into SAP

SECUDE’s HALOCORE is tightly integrated with Microsoft Rights Management (RMS) and Azure Information Protection, and fully supports RMS implementation of Active Directory, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Rights Management is the industry leading document security solution and allows companies to ensure only authorized users can open the protected content.

HALOCORE, through its PROTECT module, extends the SAP access control shield for Intellectual Property (IP), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and even Toxic Data and other sensitive data beyond SAP’s boundaries. HALOCORE intercepts the data being downloaded from SAP and applies fully customizable classification labels to the document metadata.

Using the automated HALOCORE classification engine, granular authorizations and user rights are assigned to sensitive data, allowing easy and secure exchange of documents between employees, partners or suppliers.

Documents protected by Microsoft AIP are fully protected and do not need the additional protection of complex and user annoying DLP solutions.

The dual advantage

Microsoft AIP and HALOCORE complement each other when extracting confidential data from an organization’s SAP enterprise landscape.

  1. Drive user adoption: Deploying HALOCORE helps end users adopt Microsoft AIP without a hitch. Microsoft AIP’s strong document encryption feature runs in the background without impairing ongoing business processes thus doing away with intrusive manual encryption processes.
  2. Device and platform agnostic capability: HALOCORE in combination with Microsoft AIP is the only truly comprehensive solution that secures priceless SAP data exiting at end points. The solution is device and platform agnostic, i.e. it works on desktop, laptop, and mobile end points as well as on SAP and non-SAP platforms.

  3. Silent and automatic: HALOCORE automates classification and protection of SAP data applying Microsoft AIP policy assignment for SAP downloads without any user intervention. The solution supports all common files types (with labeling) securing exchange of all documents types with colleagues, partners and customers. Naturally, Microsoft AIP protected data eliminates the need for DLP.

SECUDE has a way to plug this gap – HALOCORE. For more information, visit the solution page.

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