Executive Summary

For the CEO

No brand security without data security

As the head of the business, the CEO’s vision and bandwidth will be exclusively focused on promoting the brand, expanding the business and boosting the bottom line. But, in an increasingly digitized world, data has become an additional critical asset for being ahead of the competition and as such, it’s security warrants the CEO’s attention. This is because cyber attacks threaten these priceless assets and they occur from anywhere in the world, surprisingly, even from within the company. Recent data leak incidents show that the latter risk is real and growing.

Security or business enablement. What do you choose?

The key challenge here, unfortunately, is not in actually tackling the issue, but in being cognizant and in considering it a part of his/her responsibility among others – the ‘balancing act’ as we say. Most business owners and decision makers, however, do not give this issue the attention that it deserves as when it comes to choosing valuable resources, such as time and money, between business impacting projects and regulation driven ones such as data security compliance, the bottom line comes top. Hence, despite awareness, other ‘business enabling’ projects take priority at the cost of a vital necessity till such time when an inevitable data leak occurs impacting the brand, operations and ultimately the business itself. And this is why, CEO’s must consider data security also as their responsibility, plan appropriate data security strategies to go ahead with a plan to protect the most important asset – the company’s data.

What must CEOs do?

  1. Make security of the company’s ‘crown jewels’ (i.e. data security) a priority in the organization
  2. Ensure that data flows and usage are monitored by the CISO
  3. Allocate budgets for necessary data security solutions
  4. Evangelize data security best practices across the organization and with key vendors outside the organization



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