Executive Summary

For the CEO


Cybersecurity is still not viewed seriously in the boardrooms.  As organizations embrace the digital transformation journey, the Cyber committed CEO should actively engage in cybersecurity practices, set the cybersecurity tone for the organization, establish a cybersecurity culture and adopt a Zero Trust mindset. 

Brand Reputation and the Cyber Committed CEO 

As the head of the business, the CEO’s vision and bandwidth will be exclusively focused on promoting the brand, expanding the business and boosting the bottom line. How an organization’s brand is perceived impacts customer attraction and retention.  

Today, brands need to have the ability to keep their customer’s data secure. This is because data breaches and cybercrime have changed the face of the business world. 

According to Accenture 68% business leaders feel that their cybersecurity risks are increasing. Once damage is done to a brand’s reputation, it is very hard to reverse and can permanently damage the company. 

Watch the 90-sec video on why CEO’s should worry about Data Leaks:

Loss of confidential data and compromising competitiveness can cause havoc to a brand. It is important for the CEO to be engaged in cybersecurity practices, set the cybersecurity tone at the topestablish a cybersecurity organizational culture, and adopt a Zero Trust mindset. 

What to prioritize – Data Security or Business Engagement?

The key challenge  for the CEO is in being cognizant and in considering data security as a part of their responsibility among other business engagements and to strike the right balance between the two.  

Most business owners and decision makers, however, do not give data security the attention that it deserves They choose business impacting projects over regulation driven ones such as data security compliance. 

Hence, despite awareness, other ‘business enabling’ projects take priority at the cost of a vital necessity (data security) till such time when an inevitable data leak occurs impacting the brand, operations and ultimately the business itself.  

And this is why, cyber-committed CEO’s must consider data security also as their commitment and, include appropriate data security into their strategies  protecting the most important asset – the company’s data. 

Though it is difficult to determine what the right amount of funding is, CEO’s must follow the twin strategies of allocating funds for getting the basics right and the other for research and innovation.

What must cyber-committed CEO’s do?

  1. Make security of the company’s ‘crown jewels’ (i.e. data security) a priority in the organization
  2. Take a holistic Zero Trust approach for Data Security 
  3. Be engaged and ensure that data flows and usage are monitored by the CISO 
  4. Allocate necessary budgets to cover the basic data security of the organization and for research and development 
  5. Evangelize data security best practices across the organization and with key vendors outside the organization

These 5 steps enable the organization to implement existing and proven technology platforms for Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) for protecting the company’s digital assets everywhere anytime. 

Microsoft Information Protection is seen as the EDRM gold standard. With SECUDE’s solutions it can be easily integrated into existing Enterprise Applications based on SAP and CAD.  


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