Executive summary

For the CISO/DPO


A CISO must take a proactive and holistic approach when it comes to securing data.

This requires a fundamental security mindset shift from “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

By embracing an “Assume Breach” mentality, the CISO needs to ensure cyber readiness before the event is triggered.

With ever increasing focus on regulatory compliance, CISOs have a more strategic role to play in securing data

In an increasingly connected world, businesses are adopting digitization and mobility to enhance collaboration and productivity.  

On the other hand, organizations are still struggling to ensure security of their sensitive data as insider threats and attacks are more common. 

Over the last two years, the number of insider incidents has increased by 47% and the cost of such attacks for organizations in 2020 alone is $2.79 million (Techjury). This is further compounded by evolving threat landscape with sophisticated tools and technologies used by hackers.  

Perimeter security is limited and the focus now shifts towards a Zero Trust approach. To address these challenges, CISOs are tasked with defending everything from legacy systems to emerging technologies.

CISOs must shift from the role of just managing risk and security to enabling value creation. They must adopt a mindset and practices to accept and embrace perpetual change.

What must CISOs do?

When it comes to being the custodian of their enterprise’s data security, we are know for a fact that CISOs will leave no gap, however minuscule, open. But have they considered these?

  1. Does the CISO have a system in place to manage advanced threats? 
  2. Does the CISO create security best practices? 
  3. Does the CISO provide support to fix security breaches and data leakage?
  4. Does the CISO comply with security related regulatory and legal requirements?
  5. Does the CISO speak the language of business impact on all cybersecurity communications? 
  6. Does the CISO have a system in place to protect sensitive data from SAP and CAD applications?

We understand how important it is for CISO to protect his organization’s sensitive information.

That’s why SECUDE’s HALOCORE and HALOCAD are designed in such a way that it can be integrated directly with SAP and CAD applications blocking unauthorized downloads and  protecting data/ designs automatically based on Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). 

Close your SAP data exports and meet the requirements of GDPR