Executive summary

For The Head of Engineering R&D

Design data is among the most coveted, and hence stolen, data type. Protecting them is critical  to business. Thus, while data security may be the onus of the CIO or the CDO, it definitely should be in the radar of those responsible for critical functions such as Engineering research and development.

Design data is an intellectual property and data leaks can lead to huge revenue loss to your company. Industrial design data is a highly valuable source of information and can be categorized as Intellectual Property of the organization.

Statisticians say that the annual IP losses for the U.S. is between $10 billion and $12 billion from cybercrime targeting IP and perhaps $50 billion to $60 billion globally.

What must Heads of Engineering R&D do?

  1. Make data security a high priority and broadcast within the R&D department
  2. Involve Information Security Officer and drive for budget allocation
  3. Formulate a data security strategy and devise best practices across vendor organization.

We, at SECUDE, understand the nuances of engineering design and  partner with R&D heads of diverse organizations across the world towards protecting their critical design IP.

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