Executive summary

For The Outsourcing Manager

A blind spot in the PLM application definitely puts your design IP at considerable risk

Mature companies find it is cost effective to outsource design and manufacturing with only the final product assembled in-house. According to statisticians, the global market size of outsourced services in 2018 was $85.6 billion.

Organizations find it extremely difficult to share, in a restricted manner, highly confidential design data across suppliers. The 3D models and 2D drawings shared with suppliers are valuable source of information for competitors. Consequently, it can lead to revenue loss and impact market share for the outsourcing companies.

What must Outsourcing Managers do?

  1. Evolve a workable solution based on the organization’s data security strategy
  2. Facilitate and implement a 360° view of holistic data encryption and protect design data while sharing across vendors

SECUDE is well aware of that critical design elements that are shared with vendors often end up in places beyond one’s control, such as on the file share of an untrustworthy partner or the inbox of a competitor. It is imperative that key Outsourcing Managers consider looking beyond traditional DLP in their CAD and PLM applications.

Control your SAP data exports and prevent insider attacks