Executive summary

For the SAP Expert

Data in the SAP environment is not secure: Most SAP data leaks happen under the surface

SAP is the most prevalent ERP platform in the world today with applications handling product lifecycle, finance, customer relationship, human resource and many other key processes. These applications store and transact vast amounts of business-critical information. This is common knowledge. However, are SAP Experts aware of a hidden danger?

Data is the greatest asset. How secure is it?

An organization’s data could be leaking due to uncontrolled user downloads and data flows in the background. That is right. SAP security can’t stop SAP users from leaking IP and sensitive data that they have access to due to lack of SAP data export control.

What must SAP Experts do?

Do SAP Experts have visibility into what happens to their organization’s data once they are downloaded? We bet they do not. This is because standard SAP does not provide visibility of unauthorized SAP data exports or data streams.

Thus, the first thing for them would be to consider implementing a system that gives them real-time visibility of what sensitive data is at the risk of leaving their SAP system, along with the capability to provide real-time notifications in case of data leakage.

Following this would be the need to secure all data irrespective of whether it is authorized to be shared or is to be blocked.


Automate SAP export control and reduce effort for SAP authorization management