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From university to industry: A few perspectives from Philipp Meier

Through this brief post, Philipp Meier, Vice President (Research & Development) shares his thought on the values of industry-university connect

The opening ceremony for the new bachelor’s programme in Information & Cyber Security was a special day for SECUDE.

During the event, SECUDE had the pleasure not only to present a strong case on the increasing complexity of IT Security – that while protecting the endpoint is highly valuable, focus should actually be on protecting the crown jewels (data) of the company, but to also further deepen our relationship with the University of Applied Science and Arts – Hochschule Informatik.

A real need for mutual relationships

Today, it is important to have close relationships with academia for talent scouting. Also, organizations tend to gain by maintaining close and circular relationship throughout the year and at multiple levels. Businesses and academia can profit from each other, as each brings different strengths into the partnership. While working with students organizations tend to get fresh ideas for the business world, and students too can prepare for real-life work environment. While working with professors business heads can discuss highly sophisticated technical projects, get feedback on new ideas and input from academia for new products. On the other hand, they have a foot in the market to see new trends and get input for new research topics. Academic institutes enjoy another benefit, their students would get to know and work with potential partners for real-life projects. In addition, big joint research projects allow a combination of both worlds to work on a shared vision with mutual benefits.

Seeing both sides

SECUDE is a big believer in this relationship and has, over the years, stood to gain from it. I and a senior member of the SECUDE team are alumni of the University of Applied Science and Arts in Luzern. We even wrote our bachelor thesis in collaboration with SECUDE.

After working as a software engineer at SECUDE for couple of years and thanks to many others and especially Heiner Kromer’s belief in me, I now lead research and development as the vice president. As such, I can give back some of my experience to students, professors and others during our collaboration so that the tradition of working together and learning from each other lives on.

An initiative like the new bachelor’s course at the University is of incredible value not only for SECUDE, but for Switzerland as a whole. A small country, such as Switzerland, must make most out of its very limited talent pool, so that we are able to perform at the highest level.

IT security is a wide ocean

I believe this course will offer students many opportunities and across multiple areas to grow. IT security field is wide spanning covering domains such as designing and developing secure software, maintaining secure network infrastructures and penetration testing networks and applications to name a few. Naturally, such a course also will take its toll with the students and they will have to dedicated quality time for it, but if they apply the required discipline and use their professors and collaborations with companies, such as SECUDE, it will be well worth their efforts.

We will continue our collaboration with the university. It is a pleasure to work with them on the recently started two-year research project. We are also looking forward to other opportunities to work together. We wish the students and the faculty a lot of success in this new degree programme.

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