HALOCAD® for Siemens

Secure CAD Files Throughout Their Design Life Cycle

Need for Data centric security to protect CAD files

In a rapidly changing business, time to market is the key. Using the same set of native Siemens NX or Solid Edge design files when collaborating with partners and suppliers is therefore of essence.

However, as part of this collaboration, companies share intellectual property weaved in their CAD data in Siemens Teamcenter through uncontrolled IT environments across the entire production chain.

Security challenges for Siemens users

Inside of PLM systems, CAD files are protected by PLM security policies. When shared with external parties, these files required the same PLM security profile for protecting the data in uncontrolled IT environments.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the only Data-Centric Security approach based on a Zero Trust strategy that protects data everywhere. The main challenge for an efficient collaboration process is to automatically map the PLM security to the access and usage controls of the corresponding DRM protection template.

How HALOCAD address the above challenges?

HALOCAD solves this challenge for CAD and PLM environments by automating Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), the unified platform for a companywide DRM and part of M365 E5 Compliance.

HALOCAD provides unique value to customers by:

  • Automatically applying MIP protection labels to CAD files during check out from the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system vault

         a. Support of multi-CAD environment and 

         b. Support of complex assembly use cases 

  • Enabling CAD application to open MIP protected files and enforcing permissions inside of the applications.
  • Automatically decrypting CAD files at PLM check-in(CAD files in PLM are not encrypted) 
  • Strengthens PLM multi-CAD integration with data protection using AIP
  • Supports encryption for CAD translator file types (IGES, STEP, etc) and facilitates interoperability across CAD platforms
  • Providing a free HALOCAD® Reader plug-in for easily granting read-only permissions to collaboration partners.


In the above illustration, at the time of checkout, the user’s valid credentials will invoke MIP labels from Azure which is applied to the CAD files. Protected CAD files can only be opened and modified by authorized users and thus, protection continues to remain even when the file is accessed by multiple users outside the company’s network. The user’s rights are governed by pre-defined security policies.


Watch the short 2-Minute DEMO of HALOCAD for Siemens on how to protect sensitive Siemens NX files from data theft.

Supported filetypes & versions for Siemens products

HALOCAD supported file types for Siemens products

  • Siemens NX.prt, .jt
  • Siemens Solid Edge.par, .psm, .asm, .dft

CAD applications:

  • Siemens NX 1899, 1953 series
  • Solid Edge 2020

PLM applications:

  • Siemens Teamcenter (RAC 12.0, 11.2.1) 
  • AWC 3.3, 4.1.7 

CAD Viewers:

  • Teamcenter Visualization Base/Standard/Professional 12.0 
  • Siemens Solid Edge 2D Drafting 

How HALOCAD meets CAD/PLM Integration Challenges

SECUDE’s HALOCAD DRM now extends data-centric security across PLM and Multi-CAD integrations. It now supports the following PLM Multi-CAD integrations: 

  • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – SolidWorks Integration  
  • HALOCAD® Add-on for Siemens Teamcenter – Creo Integration 
  • HALOCAD® Add-on for SAP ECTR – Solid Edge Integration

Requirements for Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

It is recommended to use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) with unified labeling to label and protect drawing files. The following prerequisites for configuring and operating HALOCAD must be met. 

  • Microsoft 365 / Azure subscription 
  • The Microsoft 365 bundle should be any one of the following to enable 3rd party integration into Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) using the MIP Software Development Kit 
  • Office 365 E3 or E5  
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 or E5 
  • Azure Info Protection (AIP) Premium P1 or P2
  • Microsoft 365 E3, E5, or F1 

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