Protect data that is needed outside SAP


  • Protect, in combination with Microsoft AIP, is the only truly comprehensive solution that secures priceless SAP data exiting at end points.
  • Extend SAP access control shield for intellectual property and other sensitive information beyond SAP boundaries.
  • Silently and automatically classify and protect SAP data without any user intervention. Drive quick and seamless user adoption.

Increasing cyber crime and progressive digitalization require new data-driven security solutions

SAP continues to be the global leader in enterprise software. Most large enterprises typically use SAP ERP systems to manage business operations across departments and for customer relations.

This is true across industries – manufacturing, automobile, aviation, banking, insurance and other financial services, hospitality and so on.

As a result, large expanse of data continues to be generated and held in SAP systems.

However, owing to an ever growing need to enhance collaboration, organizations increasingly break silos and share data, across departments, across geographies, across roles and across enterprise platforms. And this is where the challenge is.

Once a document leaves a company’s network, there is typically no control over how it is being shared or who is accessing it. What happens when data is exported from SAP?

The ultimate question is: Is there a solution that can effectively protect data that is authorized to exit the SAP system throughout its life cycle?

Extending protection beyond SAP: Leveraging Microsoft AIP

HALOCORE, through its PROTECT module, extends the SAP access control shield for Intellectual Property (IP), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and even Toxic Data and other sensitive data beyond SAP’s boundaries.

HALOCORE ProtectImage: HALOCORE Protect

HALOCORE intercepts the data being downloaded from SAP and applies fully customizable classification labels to the document metadata.

Additionally, HALOCORE is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) and fully supports the implementation of Active Directory, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory.

Using Microsoft AIP every document exported from SAP is automatically and efficiently encrypted at the server level before it arrives on any device.

With the automated HALOCORE classification engine, granular authorizations and user rights are assigned to sensitive data, allowing easy and secure exchange of documents between employees, partners or suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to implement HALOCORE PROTECT alone without buying/implementing the HALOCORE suite?

MONITOR is a prerequisite (foundation) on which PROTECT and BLOCK function. Thus, PROTECT cannot function without MONITOR. However, it does not require installation of BLOCK to function as these two modules function independently, but in parallel, depending upon the user’s requirement.

Does the application of HALOCORE PROTECT to secure shared data require manual effort?

Not at all. HALOCORE applies classification and protection of SAP data leveraging Microsoft AIP/RMS policies for SAP downloads on demand fully automated. The solution supports all common files types (with labeling) securing exchange of all documents types with colleagues, partners and customers.

Close security gaps in SAP and let business run.