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How Siemens’ Teamcenter AIP DRM protects your sensitive CAD & PLM data beyond organizational boundaries  

The volume of sensitive data collected and shared by organizations is growing exponentially because of technological advances. However, as large amounts of data are generated, the risk of losing sensitive data and experiencing security breaches is also on the rise.

Many organizations have indeed experienced such brutal attacks, have had their data compromised, and paid a heavy price. During the first few weeks of Covid-19 itself, many organizations saw a spike in malware and ransomware attacks.  

As more and more people opt for working from home, taking the company and customer sensitive information outside the traditional organizational border, it becomes even more important to focus on security.   

Moreover, today organizational boundaries are blurring as data is shared between organizations, partners, suppliers, vendors, etc. There is a strong need for a data-centric security system especially in the design and manufacturing industry that uses information in the form of illustrations, designs, prototypes, models, and blueprints in the form of CAD files.

And organizations are looking for overcoming these shortcomings and achieve a Zero Trust strategy while working with customers, partners, third-party vendors, and suppliers across the supply chain.

What are some of the business security challenges? 

  1. How to achieve end-to-end data security with confidentiality, integrity, and protection? 
  2. How to empower suppliers, partners, and joint ventures with controlled governance? 
  3. How to protect data in the age of cloud adoption and BYOD? 
  4. How to achieve stringent regulatory compliances? 
  5. How to unfold and address potential data security threats? 

How does Siemens’ Teamcenter AIP DRM solution address the above challenges?

SECUDE is a trusted partner of Microsoft and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). There is a huge market demand for EDRM and MIP and SECUDE is the only Microsoft Partner to integrate Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) into native CAD applications.

Siemens’ Teamcenter AIP DRM enables data protection through encryption thereby controlling the access and usage of the CAD & PLM data throughout its lifecycle and it addresses the above challenges by:

  1. Controlled data access: Ability to control view, modify, print, copy, and export 
  2. Author and co-author roles: Designate supplier lead to manage file access 
  3. Data access expiration: Enforce data expiration based on time or date 
  4. Secure offline access: Enable data access in offline mode securely 
  5. Leverage MIP and Azure RMS: Enable cloud-based authentication and protect data on almost any device 
  6. Regulatory compliance dashboard in Azure Security Center: Currently supported standards are Azure CIS, PCI DSS 3.2, ISO 27001, and SOC TSP 
  7. Complete traceability: Ability to create audit logs and trails for user actions on data 
  8. Simplified administration: Data access with predefined group & roles

How the Siemens Teamcenter AIP DRM works

Siemens Teamcenter AIP DRM - How it works?


  1. Step 1 – HALOCAD detects file requests from CAD applications 
  2. Step 2 – HALOCORE server audits, and classifies the data exports 
  3. Step 3 – HALOCORE queries MIP for labels 
  4. Step 4 – HALOCORE labels and protects the file and sends it back to the respective repository 
  5. Step 5 – File is transferred to the frontend 
  6. Step 6 – HALOCAD Plug-in enables CAD applications to consume MIP documents and enforce the policies 

Supported file formats include:

Application Supported Minimum Supported Version Integrations Supported List of File Extensions Supported
MS Office Word 2013 patch xx  doc, docx 
Word 2013 patch xx  ppt, pptx 
Word 2013 patch xx  xls, xlsx 
Adobe Acrobat 2020 Classic  pdf
NX 1899 series  prt
SolidEdge  ST10 par, asm 
AutoCAD  2016  dwg, dxf 
Inventor 2018 iptiamidwipn 
Creo Creo Parametric 4.0  prtasmdrwfrmmfg, sec, lay
Teamcenter RAC  12.0  MSO, NX, SolidEdge  docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, prt, par, asm, xml 
Teamcenter AWC  4.1  MSO, NX, SolidEdge  docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, prt, par, asm, xml 

Available permissions include:

  • Access control (view, edit)  
  • Usage control (print, save, save as, copy/paste, screen capture with snipping tool, copy to clipboard)
  • Dynamic watermarks 

Watch the sample industrial use case of Siemens Teamcenter AIP DRM.

Key features of the solution: 

  1. Data encryption support for CAD and Non-CAD data 
  2. Automatic classification (label) of data and encryption based on data as well as user information in Teamcenter 
  3. Seamlessly and transparent usage of protected data for user 
  4. HALOCAD Reader to view and analyze data for the user without explicit Azure environment 
  5. BYOK – Configure tenant with the customerdefined key instead of the default key generated by Microsoft 
  6. Disable screen captures using print screen, snipping tool, remote sharing, etc. 
  7. Export Bill of Materials from Teamcenter in PLM XML encrypted format. The encrypted XML file can be viewed along with the label using Azure Protection viewer 
  8. Automatic label enforcement for assembly components 

Data protection and its usage are supported in a Teamcenter ecosystem: 

  1. Active Workspace – NX, Solid Edge, CREO, AutoCAD & MSO Integrations 
  2. Rich Application Client – NX, Solid Edge, CREO, AutoCAD & MSO Integrations 

Data protection in a standalone environment includes: 

  1. NX, Solid Edge, CREO, AutoCAD and MSO

Note: Support for more features like embedded visualization, watermarking, supplier collaboration framework, and translators are underway for future product releases.

What value can Siemens customers gain from Siemens Teamcenter AIP DRM? 

  1. Holistic data encryption strategy for CIOs and CISOs based on Microsoft DRM platform, the most visible and extensible platform in the market today 
  2. Lower TCO as Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 
  3. AIP based data encryption guarantees the sovereignty and the responsible use of organizations’ data by insiders, partners, suppliers, and customers 
  4. Enable you to extend the established Teamcenter security policies beyond your organization boundaries 
  5. Support to encrypt CAD data such as from NX™ software, Solid Edge® software, AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo as well as non-CAD data such as MS Office, PDF, and other data formats 
  6. Promote zero tolerance across the extended enterprise

While many products promise to secure CAD, PLM, CAM, CAE, and MSO files shared in a worldwide process chain using proprietary encryption, when you have invested in Microsoft 365, then you have to leverage Microsoft AIP using the simple, costeffective TeamCenter AIP DRM. 

To know more about Siemens’ TeamCenter AIP DRM, write to us at contact@secude.com. 

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