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Is there Life in the Home office after Corona?  

Running business since the late ‘60s in the United States and later moving on to Switzerland in early 2000, as a serial entrepreneur I was involved in a number of businesses mostly related to the technology industry.  

Until a few years ago, a decentralized office was unthinkable for me. I strongly felt the need to connect with my managers and staff to assess with feel and closeness, though I am not a natural control freak.  

But as the connectivity advanced and the Smartphone became “smart enough” to work as an instant office I became accustomed to this mode of communication like anyone else.  

However, the recent Corona pandemic has pushed us into a forced home office mode on a global scale that no one could anticipate or imagine.  

For those who are not trained or geared to the home office, this type of forced home office will be a whole new experience. While some adapt quickly, others have a hard time being productive. So, how do we best make use of the home office? 

For my business, I must read a lot of literature to stay focused on what is going on in technology and in the market. Dealing with different time zones from Asia, Europe to the US west coast I tried to figure out how I can maintain a high level of productivity.


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As a small boy, I used to watch my grandfather. He published books and magazines for the engineering industry. As a self-employed writer, he worked only from home and sent his results to the market through a publisher 

Watching him, I understood how he was able to motivate himself to stay focused and be highly productive. He followed a very strict procedure every day. He got dressed immaculately and started his work. He did his work with a great level of planned routine. It was a kind of repetitive structure. 

 Every day it was the same routine. I realized that his routine to get dressed up for work was a way to pull himself together to go to work instead of sleeping in. He created his own methodology to tackle his work.  

So my advice is that everybody, who needs to learn how to deal with this new reality of “home office”, should follow a structure and goal-oriented methodology. For that: 

  • Create a structure and a routine process day in and day out. Repeat it until it becomes an automatic habit.  
  • Structuring your day is the key. Create a to-do list every morning of what you intend to accomplish on a given day and go through that list in the evening. Verify your goals against what you have accomplished.  
  • Create pauses also in a routine way 
  • Reward yourself with something pleasant for a successfully concluded day.  
  • Make sure your home office is secure. As you work blissfully at your deskdevices around you are monitoring, updating and grabbing data

We will see more decentralized business processes that give us more freedom. However, it is turning into another nightmarish scenario of a vulnerable environment if we ignore the danger. 

Dr. Heiner Kromer

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