January 2021 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

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January 2021 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

#DataPrivacyDay: Organizations Must Increase Focus on Data Privacy in 2021

Organizations must be far more focused on data privacy issues this year, according to a panel of experts speaking during the Spirion webinar Customer Data Privacy 2021: It’s No Longer Just Business, It’s Personal.

Data privacy issues have also become more important in the context of the digital shift many businesses are undergoing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:

In this digital age, with the rise of the data economy, organizations have adopted several methods to collect customer data, share and use it to develop strategies to generate new revenues. However, organizations must ensure adequate information privacy of their customers or users.

Data Privacy is important because data is a valuable asset and a data breach can cost a business severely not only in terms of hefty fines but also reputation loss.

Secondly, a plethora of regulations such as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) provide an individual right to find out whether, where, and for what purpose their personal data is being processed by the business.

Organizations have to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and data availability with proper safeguards. These safeguards must ensure effective detection and stoppage of unauthorized access to data.

SECUDE is a data security specialist with more than two decades of experience in protecting sensitive SAP data. Together with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), it offers a Zero Trust security solution. To learn how we can help you protect your sensitive data write to us at

Global Cybersecurity Spending to Soar 10% in 2021

The worldwide cybersecurity market is set to grow by up to 10% this year to top $60bn, as the global economy slowly recovers from the pandemic, according to Canalys.

The analyst firm clarified that double-digit growth from $54.7bn in 2020 would be its best-case scenario. However, even in the worst case, cybersecurity spending would reach 6.6%, it predicted.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:

The cybersecurity market growth is attributable to the rising demand for robust security and digital privacy system. Additionally, organizations have increased their adoption of online transactions, and cloud which is driving this market. With an influx of hacks and breaches in recent years, causing millions of dollars in damages to recover the data and penalties paid as fines, cybersecurity has become one of the biggest concerns for the C-Suite.

It is not enough to secure only the perimeter. Organizations must offer additional protection to their data which can be provided only by a data security expert.

SECUDE, a trusted partner of SAP and Microsoft provides data security with intelligent classification, strong encryption, and fine-grained access policies.

Ransomware Surge Drives 45% Increase in Healthcare Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks on global healthcare organizations (HCOs) increased at more than double the rate of those targeting other sectors over the past two months, according to Check Point.

It revealed a 45% increase in attacks on the healthcare sector, versus less than half this figure (22%) for all other verticals.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:

The healthcare industry is plagued by a myriad of cybersecurity-related issues. This is because the healthcare industry possesses so much information of high monetary and intelligence value to hackers. The targeted data encompasses patients’ health information details, financial information, social security numbers, etc. Therefore, it is important to align cybersecurity initiatives to protect patient safety and privacy.

Healthcare organizations must take a proactive approach to implement best practices for healthcare security. They have to implement adequate data access controls to restrict access to patient information and other related applications. Multi-factor authentication requires users to validate if a person accessing the system is authorized to access it.

SECUDE, a trusted Microsoft and SAP partner, provides Multi-factor authentication with Zero Trust security for data extracted from SAP systems. SECUDE’s HALOCORE provides this control. To know more about HALOCORE and how to implement Zero Trust security for data, email us at

Microsoft Security Business Exceeds $10B in Revenue

Microsoft today announced its security business surpassed $10 billion in revenue over the past 12 months, reflecting more than 40% growth year-over-year.

In recent years, Microsoft has tightened its focus on strengthening the security of its products and services, as well as rolling out its own security tools.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:  

As a trusted Microsoft partner, SECUDE is pleased with the progress of Microsoft security solutions. SECUDE has been partnering with Microsoft for the past eight years across Microsoft’s security portfolio and Azure infrastructure.

SECUDE HALOCORE® is a unique extension to Microsoft Information Protection for protecting intellectual property and other sensitive information extracted from SAP systems. By integrating directly with SAP, it protects data with automated classification, unauthorized download blocking, and mapping of SAP access policies to Microsoft Information Protection labels. This innovative approach allows enterprises to maintain unified labeling over sensitive documents extracted from SAP throughout their lifetime.

SECUDE HALOCAD® is the only solution to integrate Microsoft Information Protection into CAD environments. Using the solution’s classification engine, HALOCAD automatically protects native CAD files during the checkout procedure of various PLM repositories. Applying Microsoft Information Protection labels to the data file allows an easy and secure exchange of the files between employees, partners, or suppliers. Subsequently, HALOCAD also enables CAD applications from different vendors to consume protected files and preserves the existing user experience.

The addition of SECUDE’s offering to Microsoft’s range of packaged solutions is another step towards providing the highest level of data security for businesses that follow the “Zero Trust” strategy with security solutions from Microsoft.

2021 Cybersecurity Trends: Bigger Budgets, Endpoint Emphasis & Cloud

Insider threats are redefined in 2021, the work-from-home trend will continue define the threat landscape and mobile endpoints become the attack vector of choice, according 2021 forecasts.

After shrinking in 2020, cybersecurity budgets in 2021 climb higher than pre-pandemic limits. Authentication, cloud data protection and application monitoring will top the list of CISO budget and cybersecurity priorities.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:

An insider threat is a security risk that originates within an organization. Anyone who has insider knowledge and/or access to the organization’s confidential data, IT, or network resources is a potential insider threat. In order to protect SAP data from insider attacks, it is not enough to rely just on SAP onboard tools alone. While these offer protection within the SAP environment, once the data is downloaded or exported there is no guarantee for the protection.

SECUDE provides intelligent solutions that control the export of data from SAP systems, minimizing the risk of insider attacks. They allow granular determination of access rights for data exports from SAP, the limitation of the export of particularly sensitive data as well as clear tracking of all data transactions.

SECUDE’s close partnership with Microsoft ensures that even common Office applications recognize and automatically apply security classifications for every file that is being shared. With SECUDE solutions, malicious insiders move in a clearly defined data space and have significantly fewer possibilities to duplicate individual data sections or files and pass them on to unauthorized persons.

Microsoft: How ‘zero trust’ can protect against sophisticated hacking attacks

The variety of techniques used by the SolarWinds hackers was sophisticated yet in many ways also ordinary and preventable, according to Microsoft.

To prevent future attacks of similar levels of sophistication, Microsoft is recommending organizations adopt a “zero trust mentality”, which disavows the assumption that everything inside an IT network is safe. That is, organizations should assume breach and explicitly verify the security of user accounts, endpoint devices, the network, and other resources.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:

Zero Trust is a concept centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters. Implementing a Zero Trust strategy is not a quick-fix solution. It requires careful planning, granular rules, and strategy. Leading the market of Zero Trust solutions is Microsoft Office 365 and Azure information protection. By implementing Zero Trust, Microsoft takes a layered approach to secure corporate and customer data.

SECUDE, a trusted SAP and Microsoft partner provides Zero Trust security for data extracted from SAP systems. SECUDE’s HALOCORE protects data with automated classification, blocks unauthorized reports, and provides detailed access policies.

SECUDE’s HALOCAD supplies the add-in software to the major CAD vendor’s products to be compliant with Zero Trust Methodology.

To learn more about SECUDE’s products and how you leverage our expertise for your data-centric Zero Trust framework get in touch with


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