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KuppingerCole rates SECUDE as outstanding in extending Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP)

We are excited to share that SECUDE has been rated “Outstanding in Extending Microsoft Purview Information Protection” in the KuppingerCole Market Compass for Secure Collaboration, May 2022.

SECUDE was awarded the highest possible score of “Strong Positive” in the following categories: security, deployment, and usability. SECUDE is one secure collaboration solution that addresses the secure use of PLM and SAP applications, expanding MPIP’s functionality to these environments for secure export, sharing, and collaboration.

The Secure Collaboration Market Compass report covers solutions that protect sensitive data, which includes intellectual property or information restricted to certain audiences (such as trade secrets, some legal contracts, agreements, and financial statements), along with personally identifiable information (PII) and health information for regulatory standards such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

As companies shift towards remote hybrid work, protecting sensitive data that is continuously created and shared among employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers—while not impeding worker productivity—is becoming increasingly important. Enterprises today face the challenge of classifying large volumes of data, especially personal data, which is required by privacy regulations and laws worldwide.

SECUDE was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. Its products extend Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) for SAP (product HALOCORE) and CAD (product HALOCAD). As a long-term collaborator with SAP and Microsoft, SECUDE has deep knowledge on how to incorporate MPIP for SAP and CAD, which is not covered by MPIP’s classification, labeling, and encrypting capabilities.

HALOCORE (MPIP for SAP) and HALOCAD (MPIP for CAD) protect data and files in SAP and CAD environments, for example when files are downloaded, exported, checked out for editing, or shared with suppliers. In both products, the security profile of the hosting application or data repository is transferred to that protected data and/or file leveraging MPIP.

In the HALOCORE or HALOCAD server, the process metadata from SAP and/or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is mapped to MPIP labels for all exports, downloads, and during file check-out. These are implemented with add-ons or plugins.

In order to leverage MPIP for SAP, HALOCORE maps SAP’s security controls using attributes and usage controls (for example usernames, T-codes, etc.) to the MPIP sensitivity labels. These labels are applied automatically and trigger a protection policy upon download, export, and M2M/API data streaming. Based on the user’s SAP security and access profile of the data, HALOCORE’s classification engine – sitting in the customer’s on-premise or cloud IT infrastructure – determines the actions that must be applied for the file, for example read-only access. This is done automatically without any action from the user. Classification and protection are automatically assigned to SAP data exports for controlling SAP data exports. HALOCORE is an add-on, and is integrated with SAP S/4HANA for on-premise, private cloud, or hybrid deployment.

HALOCAD extends MPIP labelling and protection to CAD and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications covering vendors like Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Siemens, Bentley, and PTC. HALOCAD automatically protects check-outs and/or exports from the PLM systems. It applies the appropriate MPIP label based on the lifecycle without user action required. The assigned classification is a visible informational marking in the CAD application’s ribbon menu. Pre-established policies determine which users have which access to protected documents, which require authentication with Microsoft credentials. Restricted privileges can be applied to files and users so that files may be read-only, may be edited by certain users, and more.

Both products are available in the Microsoft marketplace, and can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or in any hybrid model that the customer uses. The products can be deployed on most server OS including Windows and Linux variants, or orchestrated and deployed as containers with Docker.

The products run exclusively in the customer’s IT environment, with no software operated in SECUDE’s environment. HALOCORE is device and platform agnostic. “SECUDE provides a compelling offering for organizations already using MPIP and who rely on the secure sharing of files and data in SAP and CAD applications”, Annie Bailey, KuppingerCole analyst.

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We are also pleased that KuppingerCole recognizes following strengths in our solution HALOCORE and HALOCAD:

  • Support for hybrid environments and containerization
  • Focused support for CAD, PLM and SAP environments
  • Audit log compatibility with SIEM solutions
  • Classification and labelling is streamlined for SAP and PLM naming schema and attributes
  • Automated labelling is available
  • Encryption and key management capabilities from MPIP
  • Protections extend to uploaded documents to SAP and PLM environments
  • Strong partnership with Microsoft to execute and improve products

SECUDE, a Microsoft and SAP Partner, is a global leader for Zero Trust Data-Centric Security and Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) Solution. With more than two decades of experience in data-centric security, SECUDE’s solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies. With branches in Europe, North America and Asia, SECUDE supports customers with the implementation of IT security strategies through a global network.

We are honored to have been designated as “Outstanding in Extending Microsoft Purview Information Protection” by KuppingerCole and rated the highest possible score of “Strong Positive” in three different categories.

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We invite you to read the full KuppingerCole Secure Collaboration report.

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