Letter from the Chairman

Dear friend,

If you are reading this message, it clearly implies that you are one among a very few of those decision makers who give data security a very high level of importance. I commend you for it.

Data security is ‘sine qua non’ for business

Data is the ‘new gold’. This adage may be clichéd, but with concepts such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and so on, being increasingly leveraged by industries worldwide, it couldn’t be truer! However, this also means that data, such as IP, is the most precious commodity for any business and one that must be protected against all threats – internal and external.

In these days of heightened security challenges coming across in all forms, technology and human, one cannot be too sure against the array of challenges. But, as our research and experience proves, the greatest is the human factor – especially caused by the one weak link in the security chain – malicious or otherwise.

Whose job is it?

Interestingly, this fundamental question still doesn’t seem to find an answer. My team calls this paradox the ‘Bermuda Triangle.’ Here’s why.

Many application owners and users are aware of security risks, but sustainable remediation often seem to fail due to lack of budgets and resources: CISOs, who are responsible for resolving such issues, usually do not have their own resources and hardly receive any support from IT operations as IT resources are already stretched thin across other priority projects. While the CIO still relies on his specialists on such problems, the issue finally ends up on the tables of the CEOs and CFOs. Although they are much too far away from this topic, they are the ones who are liable in case of a data breach.

Another challenge is the ‘balancing act’. Most business owners and decision owners do not give this issue the attention that it deserves as when it comes to choose valuable resources, such as time and money, between business impacting projects and regulation driven ones such as data security compliance, the bottom line comes top. Hence, despite awareness, other ‘business enabling’ projects take priority at the cost of a vital necessity till such time when an inevitable data leak occurs impacting the brand, operations and ultimately the business itself. And this is why, I urge you not to stymie, but to go ahead with your plan to protect your most important asset – your data.

From my perspective, and based on my 40-year experience having run many businesses, it is a collective call. If you are a decision maker – CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO or CISO/CPO, your skin is in the game.

Do you use SAP? Then SECUDE is your partner!

As an SAP user, you would be aware that your data resides in the heart of your business operations – your SAP ERP system. But most SAP users are unaware of a hidden danger – data leak due to uncontrolled user downloads and data flows in the background. Thus, there is a real need for solutions that monitor and block such leaks from SAP applications.

I assure you that when it comes to your precious data in SAP, you have come to the right place. With over twenty years of core SAP experience, we understand the nuances of this enterprise platform as no other. In fact, SECUDE’s origins are from SAP itself and have ever since maintained close technology partnership. Today, our solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies.

I would like to invite you to a workshop that would be anchored by experts in SAP data security. It would be wonderful to host you in our office, but if time is a constraint, my team would be happy to conduct a detailed session through a webinar. You can book a session by writing to us at .

Data is your IP. Protect it before it goes out of hand.

Best regards,

Dr. Heiner Kromer
Chairman, SECUDE

Close Your SAP Security Gaps Now and Let Business Run.