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Watch Out for Next-generation of cyber attack to hit us past the current Corona wave warns CEO and founder of SECUDE 

Read why he says that, what it means for your company and how you can protect yourself 

The next virus wave is coming to you!

Like all of you, I am sequestered and stewing in my home office. Of course, I am thinking about the future and what it means for my business, my family, my employees and our customers. 

I think we all agree that it will be changed world when we come out on the other side of the Corona wave. Life will not be quite the same. We might feel like coming out of a war and finding our way through the aftermath.

am reminded of the movie “Escape from New York” and vivid pictures of New York battling Corona with empty streets and bodies piling up on forklifts flash before my eyes. I have lived for 35 years in Manhattan and my stomach churns seeing this misery. 

Being in the IT security business and trying to assess the future market situation I cannot but help to see stark warning signals of the next wave of misery hitting us, this time businesses.

I am sure some people who do not see the big picture will say I am making discriminatory statements.

But the reality is this: Based on today’s predictions, we will have a hard recession with Millions of unemployed.

Scanning the global news, the reports of people reporting to be thrown out of jobs is frightening. It will have political implications.

As Forrester had earlier predicted, “The adoption of emerging technologies is creating a larger attack surface that often built with only a few security controls”. 

Imagine the millions and millions unemployed across the globe and on the streets, many of them educated and literate.

We trained them well and now they sit there fighting for their survival.

Being jobless and possibly sitting around on handouts and Government miserable subsidies with lots of time on their hand, it is very likely a wave of cyber crime will hit us.  

Are you ready? 

You would have spent a lot of time building a defensive wall and expensive intrusion software, wall to wall hardware to keep attackers out. Exactly what the traditional cyber defenses say you must do. 

Some doing this defense by themselves and some use managed cyber services. Yes, it sure helps and it is necessary. However, being in the IT security business and seeing for years what is going on, to those trained and educated security experts any defensive measures out there is just an obstacle course for attackers.

We know, professional hackers in IT don’t use blunt attacks anymore. They use social engineering and very sophisticated approaches which can fool even a professional IT security guy, in placing viruses which are not only able to steal valuable IP and useful data, but also wipe the log files. Thus, making it virtually impossible to trace data theft. Forensic tools are just about useless.

However, that’s just an obstacle course for today’s sophisticated attackers. They will eventually get through and sooner or later a door is found for highly destructive cyber attack to spread and damage your company.  

No point elaborating on the various scenarios. All IT security guys know what’s up and next.

And, don’t forget, there are co-conspirators inside your organization. Almost half of all attacks came from inside or had an inside help.

An insider can say he or she accidentally opened an attachment or mail and by doing so installed a virus. Yes, that insider will be dammed because he or she was careless, but mistakes happen to the best and who can prove this action was malicious?

All the Corona rescue credit programs are subject to interceptions and derailment of funds due to theft.

As the attacks will happen with a high likelihood, I see the only viable strategy is to protect data by encryption. Right now, we all work decentralized in home offices. This increases the attack points and creates a world of risks.  The ongoing revolution in production, digitization of processes, IoT, all open attack points.  

It is in this context the foresight of Microsoft to embed security measures into the office and provide cloud services is amazing. Microsoft realizes sharing of information and collaboration in a decentralized work environment is inherently insecure. 


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If that can be made secure, it will open a whole new world of working securely. 

Hence, Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) via Azure – the one security strategy where many essential applications can be made secure and allow secure sharing of data.  

Microsoft covers many standard aspects and relies on partners such as SECUDE, to cover extensions into many other vertical applications such as SAP and CAD.  

I think data-centric security is a logical complementary method to perimeter security to protect sensitive data or company secrets that have value to third parties.

This viable security measure  will protect companies from the nexcyber attack epidemic wave hitting us. The success Microsoft has experienced with office 365 and MIP can help creating success for many companies not aware of the capabilities. 

As always, the devil is in the details and therefore, the SECUDE team of experts can help sort out what you need, work and define use cases and explain how you can avoid being a victim and emerge a winner in the next cyber attack battle that’s sure to hit us.  

My advice: Do not wait until your company needs to go on Oxygen or worse must go on a ventilator!

The dangerous next virus wave is coming at you and you will be a target.

Dr. Heiner Kromer

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