November 2020 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

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November 2020 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

Manufacturing is becoming a major target for ransomware attacks 

Ransomware has become a major threat to the manufacturing industry as cyber-criminal groups increasingly take an interest in targeting the industrial control systems (ICS) that manage operations. 

According to analysis by cybersecurity researchers at security company Dragos, the number of publicly recorded ransomware attacks against manufacturing has tripled in the last year alone. 

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: The manufacturing industry relies heavily on design and CAD files and it is highly likely that these files can be lost to hackers whenever information is shared.

A good cybersecurity solution is required to protect these files wherever they are – on the shop floor or while in transit. SECUDE’s HALOCAD leverages Microsoft Information Protection to protect such CAD drawings beyond the company’s perimeter.

Zero-Trust Security Market Is Projected To Grow From USD 15.6 Billion In 2019 To USD 38.6 Billion By 2024, At A CAGR Of 19.9% During Forecast Period

The market growth is driven by various factors, such as increasing cyber-threats, growing mandates from government & compliance regulations, and modernization in networking infrastructure through a variety of end-devices

A growing number of high-profile cyber-attack cases faced by the organizations is driving the overall growth of the Zero Trust Security.

The zero-trust security market is projected to grow from USD 15.6 billion in 2019 to USD 38.6 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 19.9% from 2019 to 2024.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: Organizations have started rethinking their data security and there is a shift in their perspective from unconditional confidence in their users to a Zero Trust Strategy.

The Zero Trust model tightens the reins on access security while giving users their choice of devices and access. SECUDE, a trusted Microsoft and SAP partner provides Zero Trust implementation for data extracted from SAP systems.  

Data-security lapses surge in work-from-home era 

Insider threats — the risk that employees will steal or inadvertently leak sensitive corporate information — are on the rise, partly because so many employees are working from home. 

According to the Ponemon Institute, the number of publicly disclosed insider incidents has increased by 47% in two years, from 3,200 in 2018 to 4,716 in 2020. The research firm Forrester predicts insider incidents will increase another 8% in 2021. Companies are only required to publicly disclose data breaches when personally identifiable information is compromised, so the actual numbers are likely higher. 

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: Most organizations have seen a rise in security threats and cyber attacks this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to the rapid changes in the working practices that enterprises are resorting and the broader concerns about the pandemic.

These changes are exploited by the cybercriminals generating a new raft of security challenges. If you are a large enterprise with sensitive client data residing in your SAP platform, then you should be cautious about its integrity and security. To know how SECUDE can protect your vital information, be it financial, operations, customer data or even employee information contact us.

SMBs that make public disclosure of data breach are likely to suffer 40% less financial damage: Survey 

A new Kaspersky survey aims to highlight a correlation between the way a data breach is revealed and the total financial losses an organization suffers following the incident. 

Kaspersky’s new survey ‘How businesses can minimize the cost of a data breach’ suggests that SMBs that choose to voluntarily inform their stakeholders and public about a data breach, on an average, are likely to suffer 40% less than their peers that saw the breach reported by the media. The trend is the same for enterprises, according to the survey.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:  Why leave room for data breaches when a little investment in data security can save you millions and retain the trust of your clientsWith many cybersecurity solutions in the market, businesses do not focus on data-security solutionsTalk to us and we can tell you exactly how your data security needs to be taken care of.

Healthcare Data Breaches to Triple in 2021 

Data breaches in the healthcare industry are likely to triple in volume in the coming year, according to a new report by Black Book Market Research. 

The “2020 State of the Healthcare Cybersecurity Industry” report is based on a survey of 2,464 security professionals from 705 provider organizations. Respondents were asked to identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and deficiencies in security that make hospitals and physicians susceptible to data breaches and cyber-attacks.  

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: The risks and costs associated with healthcare data security breaches are very high. Confidential personal health data of millions are at risk.
To mitigate these risks, the health care industry needs a solid risk management plan and data security solution. SECUDE’s products and services provide the best solution to protect all data extracted from SAP systems. 

Attacks on Pharma Rise Amid Targeting of #COVID19 Vaccine Development

Attacks on the biotech and pharmaceutical industry have risen by 50% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to a new report from BlueVoyant. 

These findings come amid positive recent news regarding the development of COVID-19 vaccines. It is unsurprising therefore that the cybersecurity firm found that eight of the most prominent companies working to create a vaccine for this virus have faced disproportionate levels of targeted malicious attacks in 2020 compared to other major pharma organizations. 

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: The healthcare industry especially pharmaceuticals have a growing market in the dark web. These cybercriminals can expose information related to clinical trials, trade secrets, and IP associated with drug formulation processes and technologies.

The pharma executives need to prioritize data protection and data storage solutions to keep their investments safe. SECUDE’s HALOCORE protects data with automated classification, blocks unauthorized access, and provides detailed access policies. To know how SECUDE’s products and services can help in providing data security get in touch with us.

IT Leaders Reliant on Data for Threat Insight

According to a survey of IT leaders by Druva, as organizational reliance on data continues to rise, 73% of businesses rely on data while 33% believe there has been an impact due to COVID-19. The 2020 Value of Data Report also found that 73% of respondents were more concerned with protecting their organizational data from ransomware than they were before the pandemic. 

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: Data is an invaluable asset. To safeguard data and privacy against data theft and cyber attacks every organization needs to invest in data security. In recent times, the conventional perimeter security model is failing due to security threats from within the organization. Unless these challenges and threats are properly addressed through Zero Trust strategies, the risk of data loss will be heavy. 

SECUDE has ready solutions, HALOCORE and HALOCAD that will protect SAP and CAD files beyond the IT landscape – irrespective of whether the SAP / CAD files are stored in SAP or a non-SAP environment.

To learn more about how our solutions and products offer better data security protection get in touch with  

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