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Number of data breaches has gone up, but data security is still not top priority

Most companies, especially in the United States, do not adhere to corporate values where privacy and security are core values.

  • 791 cyber security incidents during the first half of 2017 – up by 29%
  • Commercial sector tops total breaches reported during the period – 54.7%
  • Healthcare ranks second – up by 30.7%
  • Education ranks third with 11.3%
  • Finance sector reported an increase in breach by 5.8%

Fantastic numbers. But these growth rates reflect an alarming reality. Despite increase in data security breaches, cyber security is not on top of security practitioners’ agenda.

Lack of corporate values

In the article, Adam Levin, chairman of CyberScout, states that most companies in the United States do not adhere to corporate values where Privacy and Security are core values.

Another issue is lack of transparency. NBC News states that the 791 breaches reported during the first half of this year have exposed about 12 million records. The fact, it states, could be much more. “…12 million is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Modus operandi

The cyber security report states that the primary method of breaching into a data base is through hacking (63%). What is especially worrisome is that fact that employees also contribute, knowingly or unknowingly, to this (9%) through improper handling of data, securing of devices and communication.

A concern for SAP ERP users

Business processes, today, rely heavily on SAP applications that handle product lifecycle, finances, customer relationship, human resource management and many others functions. These applications store and transact vast amounts of such information. Being among the elite of enterprise IT users worldwide, SAP clients have long realized that their business revolves around information. They fiercely protect and leverage that information for greater advantages in their industries. As a result, a wide range of security technologies is deployed to strengthen SAP servers and their perimeters to ensure proper access control.

A blind spot in SAP puts your IP at risk

On a regular basis, users export sensitive data from SAP applications to generate reports, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other documents. The information is then downloaded and stored on devices such as USB thumb drives and local hard disks, or, increasingly, on mobile devices and in cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

Sometimes data is stored in places where you have ability to control access, such as a network file server or a Microsoft SharePoint portal. However, such data often end up in places beyond your control, such as on the file share of an untrustworthy partner or the inbox of a competitor. Even on trusted employee devices, with the increase in sophistication of malware and Trojans, the risk of data loss has never been higher.

Think SAP data security. Think HALOCORE.

HALOCORE® is a unique technology that protects intellectual property and other sensitive information extracted from SAP systems. By integrating directly with SAP, HALOCORE® protects data with intelligent classification, strong encryption, and fine-grained access policies. This innovative approach allows enterprises to maintain a high level of control and security over sensitive documents extracted from SAP throughout their lifetime, even if these have been shared via email, downloaded to a recipient’s PC, moved to a mobile device, or uploaded to the cloud.

For more information about HALOCORE, visit HALOCORE


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