October 2020 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

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October 2020 Roundup – Latest News, Trends & Updates in Data Centric Security

Why MSPs Are Hacker Targets, and What to Do About It

Managed service providers are increasingly becoming the launching pad of choice for ransomware and other online malfeasance. 

So, why are MSPs a major target for cyberattacks? The obvious answer is that an MSP may service a myriad of SMBs; having access to one MSP is an easy gateway to all of their supported SMB networks.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: Recently, we see that SMBs are moving towards embracing SAP/CAD and Microsoft Azure Information Protection. Most of the cybersecurity defense solutions available today are often too overwhelming or unnecessary for the SMB. The truth is that MSPs need solutions that cater to their specific needs from both technical and financial point of view.

Hence, it would be advisable for SMBs to choose their data-centric solutions wisely. SECUDE products and solutions provide efficient data-centric protection applying Azure Information Protection while minimizing the cost of rollout and operations.

Microsoft Announces the Zero Trust Deployment Center

Microsoft announced the launch of the Zero Trust Deployment Center—a repository of information to improve their Zero Trust readiness as well as specific guidance on implementing Zero Trust principles across their identities, endpoints, data, applications, networks, and infrastructure.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: This announcement by Microsoft is a welcome boon to SECUDE, a trusted data-centric partner of Microsoft. As organizations embarking on the digital transformation journey are under immense pressure to ensure their business environment is resilient and secure for their data-centric solution, this announcement removes all fears. This repository is a perfect place to start deploying Zero Trust Strategy for all data-centric solutions.

60% of organizations have accelerated zero trust projects in response to COVID-19

Sixty percent of organizations have accelerated their Zero Trust projects during the pandemic, while only 15% have slowed down. These numbers come from a new survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates and Pulse Secure.

The Enterprise Zero Trust Networking Strategies: Secure Remote Access and Network segmentation report, surveyed more than 250 technology professionals. The research found that the main difference between those who were successful in moving their Zero Trust initiatives forward were those that started out with formalized Zero Trust projects.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: In the light of the recent pandemic, as more and more organizations find it safe to work remotely, it is imperative to ensure that their data is safe. The recent spurt in various cybersecurity crimes has resulted in huge financial loss and trust has taken a backseat.

This calls for a Zero Trust strategy by organizations to ensure that their sensitive information is secure. SECUDE provides data-centric solutions based on Zero Trust strategy for SAP and CAD applications applying Azure Information Protection.

Data Centric Security Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2026

Stratagem Market Insights released the latest research report on the Data Centric Security Software Market, which includes the market size, market share, growth, emerging trends, business opportunities, and forecast to 2027.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway:  As organizations move towards a remote office, it is no surprise then they need to take adequate measures to ensure data safety. While perimeter security is limited, the Zero Trust strategy needs to be adopted.

With more than two decades of experience in the data-centric security field, SECUDE, a trusted Microsoft and SAP partner, is well-poised to take on the reins in the data-centric security market with its Zero Trust strategy for SAP and CAD applications.

Treasury threatens fines for ransomware payments

Organizations that pay ransomware demands without a license or arrangement with the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) could face financial ramifications, according to an advisory from the federal agency Thursday.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: This reinforces the need for organizations to implement Zero Trust strategy and protect their sensitive data adhering to security compliance. Although data leaks are hard to stop, it can be prevented if organizations implement the Zero Trust and stringent data protection strategies. Organizations that fail to implement the same fall victims of data breaches and end up paying huge ransom.

Insider data breaches set to increase due to remote work shift

A third (33%) of all data breach incidents in 2021 are expected to be caused by insiders, according to the latest Forrester Cyber Security Predictions report.

The increase in insider incidents is likely to be caused by the unprecedented change in working environments from the office to remote working during nationwide lockdowns.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: While for a very long time, cybersecurity breaches were thought to occur from the outside but now it is evident that knowingly or unknowingly most of the threats are insider threats. As rightly pointed in the article, insider threats are becoming a cause for concern.

This means that it isn’t enough if just the perimeter security and firewalls are installed, organizations need to ensure that their data, which is an invaluable asset is protected from insider threats. And this can only be achieved through a Zero Trust strategy and sound data-centric security measures. SECUDE offers data-centric solutions to tackle any insider threats for SAP and CAD solutions.

Ransomware Tops 2020 Threat Rankings

Ransomware was the most observed threat in 2020, according to a global corporate investigations and risk consulting firm based in New York City.

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SECUDE’s Takeaway: With the risk of Ransomware, Malware, and Trojans, the risk of data loss has never been higher. Traditional data protection, such as firewalls, antivirus and antispyware, and authentication models like OTP, passwords, etc. do not completely secure data as it leaves one critical door open – the exit door.

SECUDE has ready solutions, HALOCORE and HALOCAD that will protect SAP and CAD files beyond the IT landscape – irrespective of whether the SAP / CAD files are stored in SAP or a non-SAP environment.

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