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Protecting corporate information in the SAP data security space

HALOCORE® is a technology that particularly protects data leaving SAP

Extending data security where SAP stops

While business-critical data stored in a SAP system is sufficiently protected inside the secure boundaries of the SAP system, it becomes exposed when users extract the information from those SAP systems for reporting and sharing. Everyday, unprecedented volumes of data are extracted from a SAP system, increasing the risk of loss and theft. Moreover, legacy data protection solutions have a tough time when it comes to protecting SAP data due to lack of context exclusively available inside the SAP system. Tightly fitting itself between the gaps of challenges and solutions is HALOCORE® by Secude. Halocore is a SAP Add-on that operates inside SAP and bridges this gap by leveraging context that helps to classify and protect data before it leaves the SAP system or block sensitive data downloads based on business rules. Headquartered in Luzern, Switzerland, with operations office for India & Asia based out of Chennai, Secude is a global provider of IT data protection solutions that was founded in 1996 as a partnership between SAP AG and Fraunhofer’s Institute in Germany. The company’s solutions are designed to protect the integrity of data, prevent intellectual property theft and data breaches, while enforcing regulatory compliance.

How it works

SAP Data Security Halocore for SAP NetWeaver is a technology that particularly protects data leaving SAP. The solution integrates directly with the enterprise’s most important business applications, classifies and protects sensitive data right at the point of its creation, with minimal user interaction. Financial reports, intellectual property, and employee private data – can all be secured so that only authorized personnel can access this information beyond SAP. Halocore acts as security middleware between SAP and the rest of the IT landscape. In a modern enterprise where there is a rise in business collaboration, an explosion of storage locations and cloud services, and an increased mobile workforce, traditional protection mechanisms are often left powerless. Halocore resolves this problem by protecting data before it leaves SAP NetWeaver. Once a document is protected while downloading from SAP, it can be distributed anywhere with knowledge that only authorized users can access the file. Halocore’s enhanced logging and auditing features allow enterprises to isolate their internal threats and reduce the risk of unwanted information exposure. All data download and extraction activity from SAP is aggregated into a fully customizable audit log, which can be exported to powerful tools such as SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. “Halocore has a robust roadmap which is in line with SAP’s roadmap focussing on areas like HANA, Fiori and so on”, says Dr. Heiner Kromer, Chairman and CEO. While the initial version covered SAP GUI and WebDynpro, today additional areas like SAP Business Explorer, Business Objects BI, etc., are also looked after. Complementing the SAP landscape by building niche products which cater to addressing the new business risks that emanate from advances in technology & businesses, Secude will continue to focus on expanding the value proposition of Halocore in the years to come.

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