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SECUDE gets featured in The Enterprise World Magazine

The widely read CXO-specific magazine highlights the growth and product portfolio of Swiss-based data-security solution provider

In its over twenty-year history, SECUDE has been featured in various publications, digital and print, across the world that focused on its suite of data security solutions. Till 2011, when it sold its Single Sign-On (SSO) module to SAP, it was featured in many German and US IT media that highlighted its wide range of clientele and its unique hard disk encryption solution.

After the sale of SSO to SAP, SECUDE’s dedicated research and development centers in Lucerne, Switzerland and Chennai, India have designed and developed a unique data-specific security solution that protects data exiting SAP. In 2019, SECUDE designed the data security solution, HALOCAD, critical for engineering and manufacturing companies. These solutions are increasingly being featured in events and media.

Recently, The Enterprise World Magazine published a feature story highlighting SECUDE, its chairman, Dr. Heiner Kromer, and its products – HALOCORE and HALOCAD. The article explains the journey of SECUDE and its core value of data protection. The article expounds the strengths of the organization including its relationship with SAP and Microsoft. Closing with a human touch, the story shares SECUDE’s approach in working with diverse teams located across the globe and the best practices it follows to keep the teams in high morale and in perfect sync.

Here is the link to the story as published by The Enterprise World Magazine: https://www.theenterpriseworld.com/secude-a-global-data-security-solutions-provider/

You may also read about the company here and about its solutions, HALOCORE and HALOCAD, in their respective pages.

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