SECUDE India Enters into Partnership with Leading Digital and Mobile Technology Company Enstrapp

Enstrapp will be focal to SECUDE India’s outreach across the country
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Chennai, 04 October 2019

SECUDE India, a group company of SECUDE AG, SAP partner and a leading data security provider specializing in data security for SAP Enterprise software, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Enstrapp, to enable it to sell and support its SAP data security products, HALOCORE® and HALOCAD®.

The agreement will enable SECUDE and Enstrapp to collaborate in promoting data security solutions to SAP-using clients in India. For SECUDE, Enstrapp ushers in its credible client base and experienced resources to penetrate the deeply conventional Indian market. Enstrapp’s highly dedicated technical and sales team are perfectly in sync with the product roadmap and development ethos in SECUDE.

SECUDE will, in turn, add tremendous value to Enstrapp, which is intent on adding value to the SAP ecosystem. In this regard, it has dedicated a SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) that focuses on SAP enterprise software, iRPA (Intelligent Robotic Process Automation), Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain & BOTS, PRISAMx IOT for SAP Connected Assets, SAP Certified Industrial Mobility Solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance (EAM), Inventory (MM&WM), Quality (QM), Customer Service (CS), Maintenance Checklist, Visual Planning Dashboard, Automatic meter reading for Utility/Energy customers, SAP Application Maintenance (AMS), Oracle Apex, e-Commerce (B2C) and SAP Data Security & Integrity Solutions among others.

To this, through SECUDE’s HALOCORE and HALOCAD solutions, Enstrapp will be able to add SAP-specific Data Security to its SAP-centric portfolio.

“I see this agreement as a very symbiotic relationship. Both the organizations have the intent and capability to add value to SAP users in India,” says M Dola Krishna, Head – Sales, SECUDE India.

“Business processes, today, rely heavily on SAP applications that handle product lifecycle, finance, customer relationship, human resource and many other processes. These applications store and transact vast amounts of business-critical information. SAP clients have long realized that their business revolves around information. However, most SAP users are unaware of a hidden danger – data leaks due to uncontrolled user downloads and data flows in the background. Thus, with digital transformation, solutions that monitor and block such leaks from SAP applications become a must,” he adds.

HALOCORE is a unique product that protects intellectual property and other sensitive information extracted from SAP systems. By integrating directly with SAP, it protects data with automated classification, blocks unauthorized reports, and helps generate fine-grained access policies. This innovative approach allows enterprises to maintain a high level of control and security over sensitive documents extracted from SAP throughout their lifetime.


HALOCAD encrypts exported CAD files leveraging MIP. Using the solution’s automated classification engine, granular authorizations and user rights are assigned to the data file allowing easy and secure exchange of the files between employees, partners or suppliers. Subsequently, the product will also include a monitoring feature to audit all exports and downloads of CAD files, and a blocking feature that will prevent users from downloading or sharing the files without authorization, thus effectively preventing accidental or intentional data leaks.

About Enstrapp

Enstrapp, a Grey Matter Solutions LLC company, established in 2010, is a global Digital Transformation, enterprise software, Industrial mobility & IoT solution-specific services company that provides high-value strategic In-house build certified products, IT management consulting services and solutions.

Enstrapp is popular in providing highest level of quality and dependable cost-effective products and services with personalized service and support. They have worked hand in hand with numerous conglomerate clients around Republic of India, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia (KSA), USA, Switzerland and Germany, both in the Mid-market and Large enterprises with delivery units in Bengaluru (India) & Greenville (SC, USA). Enstrapp is having sales offices and active partner network across India, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE and South Africa.


SECUDE is an established global security solutions provider offering innovative IT data protection for SAP users.

Founded as a joint venture between SAP and Fraunhofer Institute in 1996, SECUDE maintained a close SAP technology partnership and became a reliable resource for security solutions for the SAP market with ‘Single Sign-On’ for SAP, which was acquired by SAP in 2011. With a focus on making business process for data protection efficient and automated with little or no user interference, SECUDE’s goal is to provide ease of use while minimizing cost of rollout and operations.

Leveraging its 20-plus years of experience in SAP security and business process know-how in protecting enterprise IP and data, SECUDE proffers HALOCORE®as a holistic approach to protect SAP data exports. In addition, it offers CAD file-specific security solution through HALOCAD® for SAP and non-SAP environments.

SECUDE’s solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies. With branches in Europe, North America and Asia, SECUDE supports customers with the implementation of IT security strategies through a global network.

The value that Enstrapp brings to its clients is its position as a single-stop partner who helps address all SAP-related requirements for its clients. In this regard, SECUDE’s HALOCORE and HALOCAD perfectly fit the data security aspect that, we believe, is absolutely essential in any industry today. SECUDE’s solutions help complete our solution range by plugging in ‘data security. We are happy to partner with SECUDE. At the time of signing our agreement, we are already seeing positive attention from companies using SAP

Enstrapp IT Solutions

Kamal Shaik, Director