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Context-aware Data Loss Prevention

In contrast to content-based Data Loss Prevention (DPL) software, context-aware DLP solutions have the ability to discern the context of the data flow (to and from) and the user. Thereby they enable CISOs to leverage existing investments in SAP data security.


Success Factor data classification

The SAP specialist magazine, E3, recently published a series by SECUDE on SAP data security. In this article, the author Holger Heugel (VP, Products and Services), shares his perspectives on data classification in context to SAP data security. This article is part of a series published by the magazine.


Do you have Microsoft Azure Information Protection? What stops you from using it?

Does your organization use Microsoft Azure Information Protection to protect critical documentation and files? Do all your employees use it effectively? What stops them? Is it because they feel that the extra effort of applying a protective layer hampers their workflow? Too many questions, right? Here is a solution.