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GDPR is around the corner. Are companies really prepared?

A recent study by Veritas Technologies reveals startling facts about the level of preparedness by companies, especially in Germany. While CISOs and CTOs may state their level of readiness being on track, certain fundamental issues are still, scarily, left unanswered. And the leadership is often clueless about this.


Dark Web augments insider threat for organizations

The Dark Web is not only a trading place for stolen passwords and weapons, but also for sensitive company data and insider knowledge. Read why the Dark Web further increases the risk of insider attacks and what actions companies should take to counter it.


The core of digital banking is data. But how secure is the core from a meltdown?

Touching lives at every milestone. The Banking and Financial Services Industry is perhaps the only industry that touches lives consistently and Digital Banking enables this. Such digital capabilities also carry immense risk. Just imagine if customer data is lost or stolen. The consequences are familiar.