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How SECUDE HALOCORE helps Infosys extend data protection outside the organization – A Case Study

Infosys wanted to ensure that data especially sensitive information is available only to its employees and is safe-guarded from any third-party views or downloads.


CISA Releases New Tool to Help Organizations Prevent Insider Threats

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a new tool that can help organizations mitigate insider threats. Let’s explore more about insider threats and how businesses can leverage this tool to protect themselves from potential insider threats.


Why you need a layered security approach for protecting your data in today’s threat landscape

Learn how SECUDE’s HALOCORE provides contextual-driven data protection to SAP exported out of the system by integration with Microsoft Information Protection services.


5 Ways to Defend Against Supply Chain Cyberattacks

Supply chains make ideal targets for cybercriminals since they hold sensitive data, often have large attack surfaces and are mostly unprotected. Here are five ways that organizations can defend against supply chain cyberattacks.


How HALOCAD addresses Data Security challenges across PLM and Multi-CAD integrations

SECUDE’s HALOCAD DRM now extends data-centric security across PLM and Multi-CAD integrations. It now supports diversified cross platform PLM and Multi-CAD integrations.


Do you use SolidWorks? Here’s how you can protect your CAD files leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft

HALOCAD® for SolidWorks extends Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to protect CAD data files for SolidWorks users from data thefts.


The Implications of Big Tech’s Meeting With Biden

It’s no secret that cybersecurity breaches are a major concern for businesses across all industries, and governments are starting to take notice. On August 25, 2021, the U.S government met with business leaders from some of the tech sector’s giants, including Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Google.


How SECUDE’s HALOCORE complements Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance for securing sensitive SAP data

Learn how HALOCORE complements Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance to protect sensitive data extracted from SAP systems with intelligent data classification, storage encryption, and fine-grained access policies even outside the SAP environment.


8 Benefits of Implementing a Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is gaining momentum. Organizations implementing Zero Trust architecture witness fewer data breaches. There are several benefits when you implement a Zero Trust Architecture, some are listed in the blog post.


7 Strategies to Keep Business Data Secure

Cyberattacks are on the rise. The growing number of internet-connected devices and the value of business data means cybercriminals have more to gain than ever from breaking into a company’s network. Here are the seven most important cybersecurity tactics for a business to use. Employing them will help keep company data secure.