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No cog too small: Data security in Materials Management

Information, such as pricing, inventory management and consumption-based planning, that is included in SAP Material Management need to be protected. Often access to such complex and sensitive material data is unregulated based on the quoting procedures and exports of such information are frequent.


A lesson from the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Affair

It now known to the entire world, and not just Facebook users, that data of over 50 million accounts have been misused in direct violation of agreed terms between the Social Media giant and ‘integrated’ third-party applications. This could have been avoided had proper ‘safeguards’ been taken.


Why reinvent the wheel? Leverage existing investments in data security with a difference

CISOs are increasingly investing in robust data security solutions, such as DLP, assuming that their organization’s data will be perfectly secure. Most DLPs are content-based solutions that function based on key words. While it might seem secure, they could lead to complications, such as ‘false positives’ and ‘false negatives’, maybe even leading to permitted data being blocked and unauthorized data passing through the security filter.


We go beyond traditional data leak prevention functionality: Dola Krishna

Organizations are increasingly going ‘Digital’. But this is not without its due share of challenges, especially when it comes to data security. In this interview with Express Computer, Dola Krishna (Director – Sales) shares his thoughts on solutions that are more robust than standard content-based DLP solutions.