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GDPR is around the corner. Are companies really prepared?

A recent study by Veritas Technologies reveals startling facts about the level of preparedness by companies, especially in Germany. While CISOs and CTOs may state their level of readiness being on track, certain fundamental issues are still, scarily, left unanswered. And the leadership is often clueless about this.


Companies realize that they are unprepared for GDPR

Why should enterprises simplify timely provision of data? GDPR requires companies to localize and provide personal data on request to clients and users within stipulated time. But many, if not most, are unprepared. There are many reasons. Missing Processes For Data Classification is one such. What should companies do?


HALOCORE®4.3 achieves SAP certified integration for SAP S/4HANA®

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that HALOCORE 4.3 integrates with SAP S/4HANA using standard technologies. Also, the new version of the data security solution enables SAP users to monitor machine-to-machine communication. SECUDE’s collaboration with SAP is key to HALOCORE’s effectiveness.


What does Design Thinking have to do with data security?

Have you heard of the concept called Design Thinking? Yes? No? Okay. Its evangelists define it as “a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.” Okay. But what does ‘Design Thinking’ have to do with data security? A lot. Really.


5 steps to implement a successful data classification policy

Many organizations recognize that protecting sensitive information is a critical part of business operations and are now taking steps to ensure strong data protection strategies are integrated into everyday business activities. However, many companies fail to identify the sensitive of data they are trying to protect.


SECUDE and DETECH to strengthen data security for SAP customers

SECUDE expands its presence through partnership with DETECH as Exclusive Distributor for Turkey. Founded in 2002, Detech introduces the innovative IT technologies to the business environment of Turkey. Companies in Turkey increasingly use SAP and are looking for ways to secure sensitive IP beyond the ERP system.