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SECUDE appoints Andreas Opfer as new sales head for Europe, Middle East & Asia; Streamlines organization structure in sync with market outreach plans

SECUDE announced the appointment of Mr. Andreas Opfer as Managing Director and Head of Sales for Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA). He would be reporting directly to the Chairman of SECUDE AG, Dr. Heiner Kromer. Andreas brings with him over 20 years of core sales experience, many of which have been focused on SAP.


5 steps to implement a successful data classification policy

Many organizations recognize that protecting sensitive information is a critical part of business operations and are now taking steps to ensure strong data protection strategies are integrated into everyday business activities. However, many companies fail to identify the sensitive of data they are trying to protect.


SECUDE and DETECH to strengthen data security for SAP customers

SECUDE expands its presence through partnership with DETECH as Exclusive Distributor for Turkey. Founded in 2002, Detech introduces the innovative IT technologies to the business environment of Turkey. Companies in Turkey increasingly use SAP and are looking for ways to secure sensitive IP beyond the ERP system.