Webinar | SAP Leaks – Securing SAP against Insider Attacks

Minute Read: 2 minutes

Data Leaks Can Kill A Business: Is the CXO Aware of The Threat?

SAP contains vital information integral to business and operations. But is data safe?

Understand how accessible your data is learn to protect sensitive data and intellectual property across system boundaries.

SAP – The Core of Your Business

Your SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is home to your business-critical information at all levels of confidentiality wherever your business may be.

It houses some of your company’s most sensitive data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), trade secrets, financial data, and plenty more. In essence, SAP is the base foundation of your company as all pertinent business data lives within its walls.

SAP Security is Often Overlooked

SAP is known to be a safe and secure environment to store business-critical information. There are many measures put in place to ensure the security of sensitive data while inside SAP, such as firewalls and intrusion detection and segregation of duties for fraud prevention.

With these protection mechanisms already in place, SAP users can become complacent with this level of security and fail to extend the protection of their most sensitive data down to the file level, protecting information as it is constantly in motion, stored in various places, and open to insider threats.

Information that resides within the secure walls of SAP applications is regularly downloaded to create reports and spreadsheets for analysis and numerous other uses within the organization.

What we forget is that once these documents are created and downloaded, they are no longer within the secure boundaries of SAP as they move to employee laptops, personal mobile devices, cloud platforms, and are sent through unencrypted emails.

As these documents containing sensitive information move around the digital world, they are no longer protected and any recipient will be able to view your businesses most sensitive data.

This webinar helped participants to build a comprehensive security framework based on data classification. It also provided insights to prevent confidential SAP data exports and to control and protect data that must be shared outside SAP.

Participants included CXOs and SAP Specialists from companies in the United States.

If you missed the webinar, no problem! You can view the webinar here.

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