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Why invest in a new CAD file security solution when you can leverage your investment in Microsoft AIP

Leverage CAD file security beyond your IT landscape throughout the files’ lifecycle at minimal cost and user intervention

The issue of access control and security of vulnerable CAD files

Manufacturing companies across industries, such as automotive, aviation, high tech, and even fashion, create and manage their intellectual property (IP) based on drawings. These drawings are created digitally using CAD applications and, due to business requirements, are shared with users outside the organization.

Thus, the risk of losing this IP is significant. It is much easier to copy a digital engineering drawing, stored unprotected on a local workplace or file share, and send it to competitors than it was with drawings on paper.

As the digital transformation of business processes evolves, the protection of those digital drawings has become more complicated.

To avoid redundancy and to increase process efficiency, all business processes reference, in general, the same digital source files of the product.

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Extending the security umbrella to CAD files in SAP

HALOCAD enforces data security for CAD appli­cations. Currently the only solution on the market, HALOCAD leverages AIP as the industry standard for Information Rights Management and Data Loss Pre­vention to protect native CAD files through strong en­cryption.

In parallel, it preserves existing engineering workflows as it integrates the file protection capabili­ties seamlessly into CAD applications.

In combination with HALOCORE® for SAP, HALOCAD ensures end-to-end IP protection even in scenarios, where CAD applications are highly integrated with SAP KPro and CAD files are stored in distributed SAP Content Servers.

In such scenarios, CAD files are protected by encryption whenever they are accessed, checked out for modification or shared with external parties.

Extending CAD security in non-SAP environments

HALOCAD also operates as a standalone solution for customers, who do not store their CAD files in SAP. In this case HALOCAD enables CAD applications to use MIP directly in setting and editing the labels as well as protecting the files.

HALOCAD, as a plugin for CAD applications, enables access to AIP protected files including label handling and privilege enforcement. As these happen at the back end, CAD users will not notice any difference in the handling of CAD files.

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