A culture that drives outcomes

SECUDE is a lean organization where everyone has a direct responsibility in core functions across departments and across geographies. For example, the organization’s Research & Development departments situated in Switzerland and India.

This helps amalgamate not only technical expertise of the two countries but also enriches the work culture. While such cross-country partnership brings about complex diversities, SECUDE eliminates any challenge through unique operational models that have brought out only the best.

Results alone matter

The goal of the R&D teams in SECUDE is perfection in product development and as such, all organizational matters are kept at its simplest best. To achieve this, SECUDE’s R&D adheres to certain key principles:

  • Indivisible responsibility
  • Focus on high quality and secure software
  • The task on hand first. People foremost.

Everything else in the organization is built upon the above three tenets. Naturally, all team members understand what is important and together strive to achieve it.

One four all. All four one.

The above may sound as mere theoretical rhetoric, but SECUDElives it. Here, the organization is divided into four integral teams, each focused on its particular area of expertise. Each team has dedicated components and projects allotted and hence clear and integral responsibilities. Each team has a dedicated ‘Team Lead’ that is responsible for everything within the boundaries of the respective team. The teams are built around ‘Expertise’. Experts in a field are grouped together irrespective of their location.

To ensure seamless communication and synchronization, all communication technology platforms are leveraged: Skype, Email, Webex and Video calls. In addition, members in both locations travel across to build and maintain interpersonal connection and compatibility. After all, the ‘human touch’ is irreplaceable by any technology – and such travel enables invaluable learning that may be lost in the complexities of technology.

Modus operand

To help stay on course, all SECUDE teams conduct weekly task review meetings during when, team leaders provide their weekly progress updates – goals achieved and tasks for the week ahead. This is an inclusive meeting where every single member is involved. Such meetings help gauge the outcome of every team and the role played by every individual member. Thus, no detail is lost and everyone gets visibility on the status of the work at hand.

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