Automatically Protect CAD Files Shared Across the Value Chain

Intellectual Property at Risk

Whenever you share Computer Aided Design (CAD) files with external partners and suppliers the intellectual property of your company is at risk.

Advanced CAD File Protection

How HALOCAD® Can Help

HALOCAD® is a unique enhancement for Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP, aka MIP or AIP), the leading platform for Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM).

Like a gatekeeper, HALOCAD® automatically protects your CAD files whenever they leave your secured Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) repository or even your IT perimeter.

CAD applications can seamlessly consume those MPIP-protected files and the user experience is preserved due to the MPIP-plugins provided by HALOCAD® for various applications.

See How HALOCAD® Protects Your Intellectual Property

Facts & Features

If your CAD files might be leaked or stolen, e.g. due to a ransomware attack, you can be sure that your intellectual property stays protected. Your files are encrypted anytime and everywhere, so only authorized people can open and work with them.
We have a huge partner network. Thus, you can use HALOCAD® with all major PLM software solutions on the market, e.g. AutoDesk, PTC, Siemens or SAP.
You have complex CAD assembly use cases leveraging various PLM and CAD solutions, like AutoDesk, PTC, Siemens, Dassault or SAP? HALOCAD® provides native MPIP integrations for these vendors. Contact us and tell us about your specific requirements, or download our detailed FAQs to learn more.

Use Cases

Secured Collaboration

When business processes require intellectual property, like product designs and other CAD data, to be shared across global supply chains, traditional perimeter security reaches its limits. For these collaboration use cases you need EDRM as a data-centric security approach with zero trust which works beyond your IT perimeter and protects your data even in IT environments which you don’t control.

HALOCAD® enables EDRM for supply chains and CAD environments leveraging MPIP. MPIP supports a variety of use cases based on MS Office, PDF and other basic file types. HALOCAD® extends MPIP by providing the same user experience for CAD use cases and by integrating the MPIP technology into CAD applications.

The MPIP technology contains file level encryption and provides an access and privilege control framework, so only authorized users can open and work with these files. Users authenticate themselves with their Microsoft ID seamlessly through the Azure Active Directory every time they open the file. HALOCAD integrates the MPIP framework seamlessly in your CAD environment.

With HALOCAD® you can share native CAD files with your entire supply chain while enforcing data security that covers user access and privilege control everywhere and anytime. Authorized people can use their CAD applications with the HALOCAD® plug-in to consume those MPIP-protected files while preserving existing workflows.

In addition, file owners can revoke remotely the access to the shared files at the end of the collaboration period.

Automated EDRM

In CAD environments design files are managed in PLM systems and stored in secured repositories. Whenever engineers work with these files, they check them out of the PLM repository and get a local copy for accessing them with their CAD application. Also when CAD files are exported from PLM for sharing purposes, a copy of the file leaves the secured PLM repository.

HALOCAD® for PLM systems works as a gatekeeper at the egress points of the PLM repository. Whenever a CAD file is about to leave the repository, HALOCAD® reads the security-related meta data (attributes) from the PLM system and automatically protects the file with a corresponding label predefined in Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP). As a result, data security is enforced in the same way inside and outside of the PLM repository according to the company’s policies.

When CAD designs need to be updated in the PLM system, HALOCAD® automatically detaches the MPIP protecting from the file before it is saved back into the PLM repository. With this approach you always have an unencrypted instance of the CAD file in the PLM system and all workflows in there are functioning as before.

Hedge against Ransomware

Enterprise IT perimeters are threatened by cyber attacks every day. Traditional threat detection and IT infrastructure security helps fighting off these attacks in almost all case. However, only one successful ransomware attack is enough to steal your data and ruin the company. Wouldn’t it be great to have a second chance in this case? With Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) you protect your sensitive files everywhere and anytime. Even when leaked by a cyber attack, the files are protected by the MPIP encryption, so unauthorized access is prevented.

HALOCAD® allows you to apply MPIP to your precious CAD designs and protects your intellectual property even after a successful ransomware attack. HALOCAD® provides an additional data security layer for your CAD environment while preserving the process efficiency of your engineering department and supply chain.

With HALOCAD® we’ve found a smart data security solution, that is powerful, simple to deploy, and that integrates with existing security solutions.

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Automated Protection of CAD Files Shared Across the Supply Chain
HALOCAD® extends M365 E5 Compliance to CAD files extracted from PLM systems through Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP). Get in touch with us to learn how you can integrate this solution in your CAD landscape.