Secure CAD Files Throughout Their Life Cycle

HALOCAD at a glance

  • The only solution to apply Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) for securing priceless CAD files throughout their life cycle, even beyond the company’s IT boundaries.
  • Silently and automatically apply MIP when working with CAD files outside of secured content management systems.
  • Allow CAD application users to seamlessly open MIP-protected files and enforce user privileges as per policy (e.g. read only).

Data Centric Security for worldwide IP protection with MIP

Manufacturing and high-tech companies manage their most critical intellectual property (IP), like product blueprints, designs and other technical drawings based on CAD files. Due to global process and production chains, these files are used by multiple users across departments and even by users outside the company’s IT boundaries.

While sharing IP does catalyze development, it also brings in certain risks in terms of safety and integrity. For the senior management of the organization, the risk of losing such data means loss of brand and reputation. Data-centric security is the solution to mitigate this risk. It goes beyond traditional infrastructure-level security and enables data security in worldwide distributed IT process chain regardless of the underlying IT infrastructure.

MIP is Microsoft’s industry standard to support IP protection in worldwide shared data files. As part of the Microsoft Office 365 feature set it is a smart move to leverage existing investments and use MIP for any kind of files including CAD files.

HALOCAD helps you leverage seamlessly the robust MIP labeling templates for your CAD files in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Securing worldwide shared CAD files

SECUDE’s HALOCORE leverages MIP to encrypt CAD files. It is tightly integrated with MIP and fully supports all implementation scenarios of Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Rights Management Service (RMS).

In SAP PLM environments, HALOCAD works as an extension to HALOCORE protection by enabling CAD applications to automatically decrypt and use MIP encrypted files which have been checked out of the SAP Content Management System (CMS).

In addition, HALOCAD enables CAD applications to use MIP directly when SAP is not the CMS in the background. In this case HALOCAD enables encryption of CAD files including MIP label handling and privilege enforcement. At the time of file creation, the user’s valid credentials will invoke MIP labels. CAD users will not notice any difference in the handling of MIP protected CAD files.

Protected files can only be opened and modified by authorized users and thus, protection continues to remain even when the file is accessed by multiple users across companies.

For companies who want to allow their CAD files to be read by users outside their organization, without the risk of losing IP, the free of charge HALOCAD Reader plug-in provides read-only access to MIP protected CAD files.

HALOCAD in action

Watch this three-minute video to learn how HALOCAD automates data security within CAD environments and process chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HALOCAD SAP specific?

No. HALOCAD can be used by companies that manage their CAD files using SAP KPro or SAP ECTR. It can also be companies that use any other ERP, independent of where the CAD files are managed. In such case, HALOCAD directly integrates MIP with the respective CAD application.

What are the CAD applications that are currently supported by HALOCAD?

HALOCAD currently supports AutoDesk Inventor. It will soon cover AutoDesk AutoCAD. PTC Creo (incl. Windchill) is on our roadmap for 2019.

Further applications planned:

  • Dassault CATIA & SolidWorks
  • Siemens NX & SolidEdge

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