Data is the ‘new gold’.

But why is your SAP ‘vault door’ still open?


… are aware that losing IP and data devastates brand, business reputation and finally the entire company. But only a few know their security risk before their data breach hits the news.


… understand that insiders have the easiest access to this data and without control, the best chance to leak it. But many of them feel safe although most insider attacks remain undetected.


… know that data security is a prerequisite for GDPR compliance and is adversely impacted by data leaks caused by insiders. But the complexity of current IT makes it difficult for them to quantify the risk and justify security projects.

SAP Experts

… are familiar with data leaks. However, due to a lack of SAP data export control, they can’t stop the unrestrained export and distribution of IP and sensitive SAP data, that is accessible to SAP users.

Close your SAP data leaks and

protect SAP data exports with HALOCORE

Monitor and automatically classify all SAP user data exports and streams between SAP systems and satellite systems.
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Effectively prevent business-critical data and documents from leaving unauthorized the protected SAP application
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The only solution providing automated SAP data export classification and complete integration of Microsoft AIP / RMS into SAP
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Learn how HALOCORE automates data security

while preserving process efficiency

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